This Couple Had A Star Wars-Themed Wedding And The Photos Turned Out Awesome

Published 5 years ago

What do you do when both you and your fiancée are major Star Wars fans? Have a Star Wars-themed wedding, of course. And that’s exactly what Carrie and Cory Shields did. The couple had an amazing Star Wars-themed wedding complete with lightsaber fights and an R2D2 ring bearer, and fans of the series from all over the world just can’t get enough of their awesome wedding pictures!

Check out Carrie and Cory’s amazing wedding photos shot by photographer Mark Hillis in the gallery below!

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Image credits: Mark Hillis

“Fewer than 1% of our weddings are theme weddings. Most are not fully implemented themes, but rather just a few accents to the decor or activities,” said Mark in an interview with Bored Panda. “For instance, a couple might have light sabers and a bit of decor that matches the Star Wars theme, but they don’t dress up as a character from the movie. It’s rare to see a full-blown theme wedding where the wedding party and the bride and groom have dressed up to play the part and all the decor is theme related.”

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Not only was R2D2 the couple’s ring bearer, the little robot even helped film the wedding with the GoPro attached to his head. Mark added that even things such as decor, music, and invitations were Star Wars themed.

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Image credits: Mark Hillis

“I think it’s good to still maintain some traditional elements to the wedding (after all, the day is not just all about Star Wars, or whatever the theme is, it’s about getting married primarily),” said the photographer. “Carrie and Cory’s wedding, while having a theme, also incorporated elements of their own personal style (such as Carrie’s choice of dress and hairstyle and flowers, and Cory’s choice of shoes, etc).”

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Image credits: Mark Hillis

“The bride and groom were over the moon (or maybe I should say they were over the Death Star) with how things turned out!” said Mark. “I don’t think they thought their photos would go viral by any means, but we all knew they had pulled off a very unique themed wedding that was fun for them and very entertaining for their guests!”

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Image credits: Mark Hillis

Not long after, Mark was asked to shoot another Star Wars-themed wedding

“Chris and Jolie wanted to go all the way for their Star Wars theme, so they flew all the guests to the swamp covered planet of Dagobah, where Luke had once trained to be a Jedi with Yoda,” explained the photographer. “It worked well because the bride and groom wanted a more secluded setting so that the Empire could not bother them on their wedding day. All joking aside, they simply wanted to add some Star Wars accents to their day and capture some fun memories incorporating the theme. Their light sabers were made by the Jedi Masters at the company Ultrasabers.”

This is not the first time couples had Star Wars-themed wedding – check out some more pics below!

Image credits: Little Blue Lemon Photography

Image credits: Minted

Image credits: Ava Moore Photography

Image credits: Nick and Lauren Photography

Image credits: Rob Greer

Image credits: Sucre Seattle

Image credits: Pink Posh Photography

Image credits: Homer Liwag

Image credits: Jonathan Ivy

Image credits: Naddles

Image credits: Ryan S. Burkett

Image credits: hirethestache

Image credits: hirethestache

Image credits: disneymeeting

Image credits: GuestBookCrafts

Image credits: Steven Kowalski

Image credits: David Harbutt

Image credits: Wedding Dream Services

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