Steeven Shaw (Fine Art Photographer From Mauritius)

Published 8 years ago

I taught myself everything I know about Art/Computer/Web Security with over 14 years of experience. I do the maximum to express myself in many different kind of Art form with my own Imagination, Creativity, Emotions and Vision through life. This is a way for me to write the story of my life using things I can´t tell with words.

A Short Story

I would like to briefly share my story with you to tell the importance of Art/Photography in my life. At the age of 6, I tragically lost my dad in a motorcycle accident, which had a huge impact on me. Losing parents is losing a part of you and that’s very painful. Being a child made it specially hard and devastating. You need to fight and overcome every moment or stages in your life to stay strong. I also lost my best friend and other people. But i decided to fight because there are worse things in life than losing someone.

A Sad Story With A Happy Ending

Photography changed my life and I notice a positive change and surroundings. I’m very strong minded now and it helps me to express myself clearly, with the help of my wife. She is my model and I work hard on the photography project since years without any team. I love to use natural light.

-Photography equipment is about Image Quality. The result depends on Hardwork, Emotions, Life Stories and Imagination.-

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Steeven Shaw

Self-Taught Artist & Web Security with more than 13 years experiences From Mauritius.

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