Girl Shames Her Friend For Abusing Her “White Privilege”, Doesn’t Expect This Response

Published 6 years ago

When you achieve something you’ve been reaching towards your whole life, the last thing you need is a condescending message telling you that your efforts were meaningless.

A student elated by her success of fulfilling her dream and getting into Yale shared the news on her social media, yet, to her surprise, her enthusiasm was met with contempt. The comment made by one of her friends pointed out that her achievement is due to white privilege. However, that so-called ‘friend’ didn’t expect to get a response like that.

The freshly accepted Yale student didn’t hesitate one bit and responded with full honesty, describing the situations she went through in order to get where she is now, that had nothing to do with being privileged.

Even though white privilege is a real issue in the society these days, seeing it in all the littlest details might belittle the problem. Read their conversation below and tell us your thoughts on who you think was right in this case.

(h/t boredpanda)

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People were quick to voice their opinions on the matter:

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