30 Things That Only Exist Because People Are Not All That Bright

Published 8 months ago

Though we may in some ways fear “fear” itself, it is actually a good thing. In fact, fear has been identified as a defence mechanism that’s meant to protect us and keep us safe from harm. If we didn’t have fear, we could end up putting ourselves in potentially dangerous situations through reckless behaviours. 

But while most people try to hone their survival instincts in order to prevent any painful experiences, some people’s radars just don’t seem to work the same way. These people may be either deliberately avoiding common sense or they could just be so ridiculously entitled that they seem to almost expect the world around them to save them from themselves. One hilariously entertaining Reddit thread on the topic of ‘things that exist only “because of people’s stupidity”’, recently went viral. Scroll below to check out some of the most interesting and insightful opinions folks shared on the subject. 

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#1 Do not open door in flight

Image source: aftcg, Mengliu Di

#2 The law in Pennsylvania that *specifically* states that you can not barter infant children

Image source: MostlyFuckedUp, Anastasia Trofimczyk

#3 Warning labels telling you not to eat things that are not food.

Image source: tylerss20, Toshiyuki IMAI

#4 The anti-vax movement

Image source: _Caramel-Kitty_, Becker1999

#5 RV user manual specified driver remains seated while in motion

Image source: TimeMasterBob, Mark Doliner

In the user manual for RVs it specifies that the driver must remain in the drivers seat at all times when the RV is in motion because someone thought that cruise control was auto pilot and went to take a shower while on the freeway and crashed. If I remember right, part of their argument against the company was that the manual did not say he had to remain in the drivers seat when cruise control was being used…

#6 [This sign at the London Luton airport](https://imgur.com/WqYDff0)

Image source: Bran_Solo, Bran_Solo

#7 Kardashians’ Fame

Image source: Viks101, Eva Rinaldi

#8 religion

Image source: STK1369, Pixabay

#9 Multi-Level-Marketing (aka pyramid schemes)

Image source: The78thDoctor, Luis Quintero

#10 Meetings that could have been emails

Image source: Jenn_097

#11 “Do not place child in shopping bag”

Image source: McManARama, Stefanie Seskin

#12 Label on Swiss chainsaw, do not attempt to stop chain with hands and genitals

Image source: CannaBlasta, Karolina Grabowska

#13 The labels on superman costumes that say ‘Wearing this does not enable you to fly’

Image source: Musical_Toad557, Lobo Larson

#14 Influencers

Image source: anon, George Milton

#15 Traffic jams. Except for in outlying cases it’s literally only bc people are too dumb to be efficient

Image source: frogseyes, Mikechie Esparagoza

#16 Panic buying

Image source: mooli1978, Ben Schumin

#17 The warning sticker on lawn mowers telling you not to touch the blades while they are in motion.

Image source: anon, Schlaht

#18 I worked at Cabela’s for years and they carry a product called “The Butt Out” and its a tool a hunter would use to remove the a**s from a deer. On the back of the packaging in the bottom corner is a warning stating “Not for sexual use”

Image source: TheSchoeMaker, t_wittenburg

#19 All those drug commercials that tell you not to take said drug if you’re allergic to it.

Image source: InfernalCape, Ron Lach

#20 Racism.

Image source: AA144

#21 Darwin Awards?

Image source: Darktal0n75, unknown

The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor that originated in Usenet newsgroup discussions around 1985. They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool by dying or becoming sterilized via their own actions.

#22 Televangelists.

Image source: Fart_connoisseur1

#23 The Tide Pod challenge

Image source: i_fuckin_luv_it_mate, SuffrnSuccotash

#24 https://imgur.com/gallery/F3apENt This was in front of a catholic school I did some work on. This is not the only tree in the area, it’s not even the only tree in front of a parking space. How did this sign come to be? The world may never know

Image source: Mok0bo, i3onezman

#25 The tag on the iron that says “Do not iron clothes while wearing them.”

Image source: flipping_birds, unknown

#26 Flat earth theory.

Image source: rshnsrt, star5112

#27 The ban on Kinder eggs in the US. Are people really stupid enough to swallow those eggs whole? Even if they didn’t know about the toy, you can’t possibly want to deepthroat a f*****g egg, can you?

Image source: I_hate_traveling, Nenad Stojkovic

#28 California’s Prop 65.

Image source: ClownfishSoup, sta5is

It says everything sold in California must have a label warning consumers that the product is made with ingredients/components known by the state of California to cause birth defects or cancer. Unless the seller can prove that the item does not contain such components. However, nobody can actually say if anything causes cancer or not. So if you sell something in California, you must either pay a laboratory to test everything in your product, then provide reports stating that each element does not cause cancer. OR you can buy a 1 cent sticker and slap it on your packaging. As a result everything sold in California, EVERYTHING, has that sticker on it. Because why wouldn’t you just slap the sticker on?

We voted for this.

#29 The phrase, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Image source: anon, Monstera Production

#30 “Warning may contain nuts” warnings on packets of nuts

Image source: ConnorA94, DefectiveDonkey

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