30 People Who Did Something Inappropriate And Lost Their Jobs

Published 2 years ago

Some people are too cautious about job stability, while others carelessly do stupid and ridiculous things without thinking that it may cost them their jobs.

There is a Reddit group called “Bye Bye Job” where its members share images and stories of those instances when people lost their jobs due to inappropriate behavior. Scroll below to read some of them.

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#1 Russian Driver Who Raced Under Italian Flag Due To Sanctions Threw A Nazi Salute On Podium, Today His Contract Is Immediately Terminated By The Team

Image source: Bedumtss

#2 Screwed With The Natives And Found Out

Image source: Dyea_B_Tis

The racist owner of the Grand Gateway Hotel said she is banning Native Americans from the property. Five tribal leaders signed a Notice of Trespass. Indicating the hotel has violated the terms of a Treaty made with the Sioux in 1868 based on the location of the hotel, and the racist comments made that they say violate article one of the treaty. They instructed the hotel and its subsidiaries to vacate the premises or be held liable.

#3 Brazilian Politician In Ukraine Recorded Commenting On Ukrainian Women/Refugees, Including “They’re Easy Because They’re Poor”; Returned To Brazil To Discover He Had Lost Key Allies And His Girlfriend; Withdrew Run For Governor, Will Withdraw From The Free Brazil Movement (Mbl)

Image source: DisruptSQ

#4 A Play In 4 Acts

Image source: POTUS50

#5 Bummer Joe

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Today Is The Day

Image source: honkhonkbeepbeeep

#7 Trucker Fired For Participating In Ottawa Protests With Company Truck While Displaying Right Wing Terrorist Flag

Image source: hamer1234

#8 Maga Rioter Tells Court He Lost His ‘Six-Figure Job’ To Storm The Capitol For Donald Trump

Image source: IndianKiwi

#9 Russian Gymnast With ‘Z’ Symbol On Podium Next To Ukrainian Faces Long Ban

Image source: thedubiousstylus

#10 Finally

Image source: UnderstandingKind523

#11 Maybe The Priest Can Give Alex His Last Rites Because Woolies Just Smoked Him

Image source: achybreakystacy

#12 She Hates Leftists Now

Image source: hiphop_dudung

#13 Doctor No Longer Allowed To Practice After Branding Patients’ Livers With His Initials

Image source: hippychk

#14 Genius

Image source: Jiji321456

#15 School Principal Fired And On Welfare After Posting Naked Photos Of Her Boyfriend’s Ex On Facebook

Image source: ChrisPChicken04

#16 Paying The Price For Bullying

Image source: vresovkamfh

#17 Ha

Image source: LPinTheD

#18 She’s Been Fired

Image source: Ehzabeth

#19 I Have No Words

Image source: UnlicencedAccountant

#20 Australian Network Spends $1,000,000 Australian Dollars ($724,685.00 Us Dollars) So Reporter Has Rights To Interview Adele About Her New Album: Reporter Doesn’t Listen To Album Before Interview

Image source: LonelyGuyTheme

#21 CEO Of B.c. Resort On Leave After Sexist Remark At Tourism Conference. He Told Women At Conference To ‘Go Clean Some Rooms And Do Some Dishes’ On International Women’s Day

Image source: julesieee

#22 McDonald’s Employee Loses Job

Image source: kronikfumes

#23 Choice And Consequences

Image source: abaganoush

#24 As Usual

Image source: SnappyCapricorn

#25 Novak Djokovic Out Of U.S. Events Due To Being Unvaxxed

Image source: BurtonDesque

#26 Snowplow Driver Posted A Facebook Video Of Him Spraying Jews During A Storm—now It’s Being Investigated As A Hate Crime

Image source: mdj1359

#27 But They Tell Us It’s Not About Politics

Image source: kernalbuket

#28 Chair Of The Dept. Of Psychiatry At Columbia University Is Suspended For Commenting On A Model’s Body Via Twitter

Image source: zenboi92

#29 Two Lapd Officers Who Were Fired In 2017 For Playing Pokémon Go And Ignoring Calls For Backup While On Duty Have Had Their Appeal For Reinstatement Denied

Image source: Chocolat3City

#30 Police Officer Who Touched Colleague’s Penis Then Shouted ‘It’s A Small One’ Is Sacked

Image source: stankmanly

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