20 Subtle Signs That Instantly Give Bad Vibes About Someone

Published 11 months ago

We may think that in general people are complicated, so it’s hard to assess whether they are good or bad. However, if you know the patterns to keep an eye out for it’s far easier than you’d believe. 

Reddit users got together to share the signs that indicate if someone is genuinely good or has bad vibes all around instead. After all, if you observe someone for long enough, their actions are bound to reveal their intentions sooner rather than later. So take note of some of the following behaviours and if you spot them in someone remember, they may not have your best interests at heart.

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#1 People who incessantly refer to you by name in a conversation. It comes across like some weird sales / cult strategy to engineer fake rapport.

Image source: risbia, Yuvraj Singh

#2 How they treat/view animals. Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you!

Image source: 360_Bagel_360, Benjamin Wedemeyer

#3 They make jokes at other people’s expense, but can’t stand it when someone jokes about them.

Image source: parangolecomuna, Toa Heftiba

#4 Someone who knocks on my bedroom door and opens it immediately instead of waiting for me to answer it

Image source: Manmade791, Milo Bauman

#5 That whole compliment but it’s an insult thing and then they laugh it off as a joke. Like wtf is your problem

Image source: ROOK2KING1, Bewakoof.com Official

#6 I have a friend who’s a psychiatrist, he says it’s psychiatrist lore to always beware of men with yellow tinted glasses lenses.

Image source: poseyslipper, Ethan Haddox

#7 When they try to push God on me and say that things happen because it’s the plan from God and I am being strong for God and they will pray for me. Just…. no. Don’t f*****g do that s**t to me. Keep your religion to yourself.

Image source: SAMixedUp311, Fa Barboza

#8 They can never be wrong.

Image source: psycharious, Paul Hanaoka

#9 When they’re far too pushy with questions and don’t leave you alone despite you making it super obvious that you don’t want to answer their questions.

Image source: ocarinagirl93, Jessica Da Rosa

#10 How they treat someone in a service position, wait staff, etc.

Image source: greenbear1, Dan Burton

#11 They don’t return the cart after loading up the car

Image source: Sarcasmqueen444, David Clarke

#12 Treating garbage collectors like they’re trash. Mate their job is to literally pick up trash after you.

Image source: Yamamahah, zibik

#13 When they don’t acknowledge that you held the door open for them. Not even a small smile or head nod.

Image source: Chatterbxer, Darya Sannikova

#14 Littering

Image source: FinnBullWinter, Claudio Schwarz

#15 If you’re blasting music in public, I instantly hate you

Image source: Godhelpmeplease12, Budgeron Bach

#16 The way they view pets.

Image source: Illusioneery, Alexander Grey

If they pick up a pet who’ll live 60+ years (like some parrots) and then randomly say “lol I’ll give it away/abandon/release in the wild” after the poor thing is attached? Big red flag.

Pets can’t live properly on the streets/in the wild after domestication. For birds, they would need readaptation to wild settings. And pets can die from heartbreak/depression.

#17 If they quickly bring their religion into s conversation

Image source: E_man123, Pablo Rebolledo

#18 Small lies. It can be anything. What they ate the night before, when they came home, their favorite color. The smaller the lie is, the more suspicious the person becomes to me.

Image source: BuckyBarnes_0310, Andrea Tummons

#19 When they don’t like cats. And I don’t mean like “oh I’m just a dog person” I mean like “a cat is just a moving speed bump” kind of person. It gives me “I don’t like relationships I can’t control” and “I don’t respect living things that exist beyond my control” vibes.

Image source: Bottletop85, Tony Wang

#20 S**t talking their significant other.

Image source: SoVerySleepy81, Priscilla Du Preez

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