20 Of The Funniest Social Media Reactions To Riri’s Super Bowl 2023 Performance

Published 1 year ago

Everyone’s talking about Rihanna’s Super Bowl 2023 halftime performance at the NFL these days. Rihanna, who had previously denounced the league’s mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick for his stand against police brutality, surprised many with her acceptance last year in September, to perform at the Super Bowl 2023 half-time show after a 4 years hiatus from the stage.

In an interview a week prior to the event, Rihanna had hinted at ‘thinking about bringing someone’ to her performance, which had fans interest peaked. However, a surprising turn of events saw Rihanna with what appeared to be a baby bump when she appeared onstage, sparking rumors that she was pregnant and that this may indeed be the plus one she was referring to previously.

Rihanna certainly delivered on her promise with a triple celebratory performance; the Super Bowl, Rihanna’s first performance in years and her big pregnancy reveal which has since been confirmed. Naturally, fans have flooded the online communities with their excitement & reactions in meme’s and we’ve accumulated a few of the finest for you below.

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