People In This Group Mock ‘Suburban Hell’ And Here Are 20 Accurate Posts

Published 10 months ago

Some people prefer to live in the suburbs, opting for larger spaces, cheaper housing and a quieter environment. However, the reality may be more along the lines of expensive fuel costs, because the nearest store is a 30-minute drive, or toxic neighbours because they pollute the air with the sounds of kids, dogs, lawnmowers, and a myriad of other ridiculous problems that come from living in any kind of close-knit society. 

But let’s allow the memes to do the talking about “Suburban Hell”. This subreddit is dedicated to advocating for more sustainable living in the suburbs. If you’re from the “burbs” you may relate to these posts, or if you’re thinking of moving, here’s to calling out for a change that seems much required. 

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#1 Never Forget What Was Taken From Us

Image source: unroja

#2 I’ve Noticed This Weird Disconnect With Reality Surbubanites Have

Image source: LibrightWeeb941

#3 Car Dependency

Image source: gonanners

#4 It’s Almost Dystopian

Image source: butterscotchland

#5 How Far A Pedestrian Has To Go To Cross A Street Using Crosswalks

Image source: SHGamer

#6 Thought This Was Fitting For This Sub

Image source: SiddThaKid

#7 Must Add Parking

Image source: slumlords_city

#8 Defiant Family Refuse To Sell $50M Sydney Property To Developers

Image source: PolSPoster

#9 What A Cute Garage, Even Looks Like A House!

Image source: theywasinthetrees

#10 Thought This Belonged Here If It’s Not Already

Image source: quangos

#11 The “I Live In The Suburbs For The Peace And Quiet” Starter Pack

Image source: JagVillBliFull

#12 Land Use Matters

Image source: unroja

#13 How A Suburb Should Look: 1. Built Around Train Station 2. Everyone Within A 10 Minute Walk 3. Human Scale

Image source: ResolutionImaginary2

#14 Car-Dependency Destroys Nature

Image source: unroja

#15 Triacylglycerol Looking Like Any Suburb Ever

Image source: Anon5054

#16 Honest Design

Image source: shmeeandsquee

#17 Where Suburban Sprawl Meets An Indian Reservation In Scottsdale, Arizona

Image source: etxxn

#18 I’ll Take Mixed-Use, Walkable Urbanism Instead, Please

Image source: Fried_out_Kombi

#19 1979 Advertisement For London Transit Showing How The City Would Look If Built By American Planners

Image source: Wardt-

#20 ???????? ????? (Before And After)

Image source: Lyr_c

An inner city suburb of Detroit. It was formerly known as “Black Bottom” Before they obliterated it with the highway, as it was a predominantly African American neighborhood.

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