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10+ Illustrations Prove Living Alone Can Be Awesome

Published 1 year ago

According to Christopher McCandless, happiness is only real when shared, but LA-based artist Yaoyao Ma Van As disagrees. To highlight this, she has created a colorful illustration series that celebrates the intimacy of living alone.

Yaoyao’s images stand out from the rest for possessing harmonious color palettes and carefully crafted compositions. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, because Yaoyao has been working on some of the biggest animation shows in the industry. “My professional experience includes Rick and Morty (Adult Swim), Future Worm (Disney) and BoJack Horseman (Netflix),” Yaoyao writes on her website.

Do you also love living alone? Or maybe you wouldn’t last a month without anyone by your side? Let us know in the comment section below.

More info: (h/t boredpanda)

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#1 Enjoying Some Peace And Quiet

Image source:

#2 Playing With Your Pup

Image source:

#3 Escaping Reality

Image source:

#4 Working Whenever You Feel Like It

Image source:

#5 Enjoying A Cup Of Tea While Watching The Rain

Image source:

#6 Binge Eating All You Want

Image source:

#7 Dancing Like No One Is Watching (Cause No One Is)

Image source:

#8 Doing Nothing All Day

Image source:

#9 Cuddling With Your Best Friend

Image source:

#10 Being A Little Clumsy

Image source:

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