10+ Times People Were Absolutely Freaked Out By Cosplayers Who Looked Way Too Real

Published 7 years ago

Have you ever loved a character so much you wished to be in their place? Well, it seems like with a little bit of makeup and some creativity everything is possible.

The people pictured in the list below got their costumes so accurate, it seems like they just stepped out of the TV screen. For some look-alikes the whole deal seems pretty effortless and they don’t even need makeup for the passers-by to do a double take on them, while it’s obvious that others spent hours upon hours polishing their look to the smallest detail. The mannerisms, the stance, that face that only they can pull – everything seems to match up, so when you scroll down to check out these cosplayers, be prepared to get a little confused.


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#1 Best Russel From Up Cosplay Ever

#2 Wonder Woman From DC Comics Cosplay By Alyson Tabbitha

Image source: alysontabbitha

#3 Nurse Joker Cosplay

Image source: j0be

#4 A Friend Of Mine Won A Dwight Schrute Look-Alike Contest A While Back

Image source: tensoreveryday

#5 Jon Snow, Is That You? My Buddy Nailed It

Image source: Rhihard

#6 Edward Scissorhands Cosplay

Image source: alysontabbitha

#7 Hermione Cosplay

Image source: maresclop

#8 Oswald Cobblepot Cosplay

Image source: Proteon

#9 Tyrion Lannister Cosplay

Image source: Lenin Tadeo Rodriguez

#10 Wolverine At Comic Con Russia. Yes This Is A Cosplay

Image source: D___N


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