30 Contrasting Images That Help Us See The World In A New Light

Published 1 year ago

Sometimes, it can be challenging to see things from a fresh perspective when we are not open to things. However, thanks to the power of social media and the creativity of individuals, we have been treated to some truly fascinating comparison pictures to help us expand our outlook.

From nature’s wonders to human-made marvels, these images have the ability to change our perception and make us appreciate the world in a whole new way. Check out some of the most fascinating ones in the gallery below.

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#1 My Parents Have Been Married For 25 Years Today. Then And Now

Image source: ISmellManFlesh

#2 A Friend’s Aunt Gifted Me Her Deceased Father’s Car. “If You Think You Can Get It Running, You Can Have It”. Before And After

Image source: Whoiscw

#3 Today I Got To Fly In My Grandfather’s Restored WW2 Hurricane

Image source: missbazil

#4 Maine Coon vs. Siamese Size Comparison

Image source: the_catbeans_mainecoons

#5 Here’s My Echium Pink Fountain. It’s About 2.5m Tall And Still Growing. Me For Size Comparison

Image source: Demongeeks8

#6 Works Like A Charm

Image source: misterperry

#7 The Size Difference Between A Wolf Track And My Dog’s Paw

Image source: lostinapotatofield

#8 My Appearance While Unknowingly Living With HIV For 5 Years vs. 2 Years With Treatment

Image source: eyeswideblue

#9 A Comparison Between My Drawing Of 2013 And 2017 – Victoria Justice Is The Subject

Image source: VFreddyART

#10 Had My Facial Reconstruction Surgery 2 Months Ago. Was Called Megamind, Ken Griffey Jr, Jimmy Nuetron, Etc. 8 Weeks Later And Feeling A Lot More Confident In How I Look

Image source: StarksTwins

#11 The Size Of My Hand Versus My Friend’s Hand

Image source: aint_no_wifey

#12 Eye Test For “I Want To Speak With The Manager” Types

Image source: kalvinoz

#13 My Dad And I, 1990 And 2012. He Had High Hopes For Me

Image source: krazikanaidian

#14 My Mom Asked If I Wanted To See Her Melon. Mom For Scale

Image source: dne416

#15 Can You Tell Who’s Related?

Image source: borrow_a_feeling

#16 My Dog And I Have The Same Size Foot

Image source: Thea_From_Juilliard

#17 My Mom Next To This Moderately-Sized Cactus. Mom For Scale

Image source: jjimahon

#18 2,200-Year-Old Hellenistic Theatre In Laodicea, Southwestern Turkey, After Recent Excavation

Image source: reddit.com

#19 My Dog Next To My Mom’s Puppy, 8 Months Difference Between The Pictures

Image source: cabeleirae

#20 Manitoba, Canada

Image source: KulfgarTheViking

#21 A Friend Found Some Hummingbird Eggs. Fingers For Scale

Image source: WatchAdamRise

#22 Shaking Hands With A Harpy Eagle

Image source: joke-is-on-you

#23 This Naturally Occuring Ficus Tree Root Bridge, Me For Scale

Image source: Flippiewulf

#24 They Were Talking About My Local Animal Shelter On National TV, And They Focused On Alys, The Cat We Adopted 7 Months Ago. We Got To See Where She Came From. We Were In Awe

Image source: mvppaulo

#25 Found A Dog Toy That Is A Less-Spooky-Version Of My Husband’s Tattoo

Image source: hideandsee

#26 My Mom vs. A 10-Month-Old Great Dane

Image source: Noback68

#27 A Doctor Chronicled The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Disease In One Of His Patients By Collecting Her Signatures From Medical Forms Over Several Years

Image source: bazoid

#28 Just Saw Black Beauty – One Of The Most Complete T-Rex Skeletons Ever Found. Excited 5’5″ Primate For Scale

Image source: ramence

In classic ‘death pose’, her bones are black from a specific mineral exposure during fossilization.

#29 Bald Eagle Nests Are Generally 5 Feet Wide And 3 Feet Deep. The Largest Recorded Bald Eagle Nest Is 9.5 Feet In Diameter, 20 Feet Deep And Weighed Almost 6,000 Pounds

Image source: quince6

#30 The Size Of This Leaf That I Found In The Park. Me For Size Comparison

Image source: ComanderCupcake

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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