20 Incredible Glow Ups Shared In The “Ugly Ducklings” Online Group (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

For a lot of us, our teenage years were a time of experimentation and self-discovery. Crazy hairstyles, bizarre fashion choices, and makeups that looked like something straight out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – all of it seems pretty funny and ridiculous these days. Luckily, most of us have grew out of that phase, and can nowadays look back at our older selves and appreciate how far we’ve come since.

People over at the r/UglyDuckling subreddit are sharing pictures of their stunning glow ups, and they’re living proof that a little self-love and determination can go a long way. See their incredible journeys in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to check out our previous posts here, here, and here!

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#1 32 vs. 37. 75 Lbs Lost, Picked Up A Skincare Routine, Brushed Up My Makeup Skills, Cut My Hair, Got Some Bangs, Still Working On Getting Some More Confidence You Can Glow Up At Any Age!

Image source: Brokenpun4one

#2 Me At 25, College Dropout, Living In My Car vs. Me At 33, About To Finish My Phd!

Image source: SnooDonuts7954

#3 Depressed, Lost, Demotivated Because Of Chronic Tinnitus And Hearing Loss, But I’ve Decided To Take Things In Hand And Make It Better, Here I Am After 4 Months Of Transformation Journey.. Still Got Miles To Go

Image source: saan555

#4 18 – 23 Went Through A Weightloss Journey And Learnt How To Look After And Groom Myself

Image source: Liam61961

#5 Maybe Not As Drastic As Others Here, But I Feel Like I’ve Had A Bit Of A Glow Up (2012-Present)

Image source: scoot_da_fut

#6 Me At 13 vs. Me At 27 Do I Belong Here?

Image source: Ms_UmUmIStutter

#7 10 To 20 To 30. Thank Goodness I Found Some Better Glasses & Stopped With The Rawr Hand

Image source: melon_can

#8 First Picture 19f, Second One 22f, Third One 23f. Farewell To 4~ Years Of Depression And Excess Weight!

Image source: Novosibirskchennai

#9 15 vs. 21

Image source: mycatownsmeforever

#10 13 vs. 26 I Just Don’t Know What To Say

Image source: asionahaya

#11 13-26 Improved My Style Ever So Slightly

Image source: crp0821

#12 When Puberty Hits You Like A Bus…

Image source: emqos

#13 10,18, 29~ A Lot Has Changed Every Eight Years

Image source: agisshi

#14 Dropped 73lbs And Picked Up 65

Image source: morningspear

#15 13 To 29 – Puberty Helped Me Out

Image source: Blankcarbon

#16 19 To 23. Therapy And Excersice Certainly Made A Change Mentally And Physically. Still Struggling With Confidence And Selflove But All Good Things Take Time. Slow And Steady

Image source: bliblablub0

#17 13 To 30. Middle School Sucked

Image source: i_should_b3_working

#18 18-28. It’s Been A Long Road

Image source: sgimfl

#19 16-20 Been Battling With Self Hate And Depression For Years, 2020 Was The Year I Wanted To Look After Myself

Image source: cuzzy_rob

#20 18 To 25

Image source: 3-1-6

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