20 Incredible “Ugly Duckling” Transformations (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

From crazy haircuts to weird clothing choices – many of us went through all sorts of different phases when growing up, a lot of which weren’t too flattering. And while we might feel a little cringy when looking back at our childhood photos, it’s always nice to see how far we’ve come.

People who underwent “ugly duckling” transformations are sharing their before and after pics to the r/UglyDuckling subreddit, and it’s amazing to see how much a person can change in just a few years. Check out some of the most impressive transformations in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous post here!

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#1 27 To 37. Getting Older Isn’t So Bad

Image source: reddit.com

#2 15-25

Image source: reddit.com

#3 17-27 I Decided That I Didn’t Want To Die Young From Drug Overdose So I Cut My Hair And Here We Are 10 Years Later

Image source: reddit.com

#4 Proud Of How Far I’ve Come

Image source: reddit.com

#5 “When I Loved Pizza & Was Insecure (17)” Versus “Still Love Pizza & Learned To Love Myself (25)”

Image source: reddit.com

#6 14 vs. 36

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Thicc To Less Thicc. Weird How A Year And A Few Months Can Change Your Life

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Used To Be Obese, Depressed, And Bullied. Thankful Of Where I Am Now

Image source: BaconThatBurger

#9 17 Left And 27 Right. People Said I Looked Like Hurley From Lost

Image source: reddit.com

#10 14-20, Freed My Eyes And Brows, Lost The Belly, Got A Tan

Image source: ForcedHibernation

#11 15 And 22

Image source: reddit.com

#12 14 To 22 Grew Into My Face And Stopped Hating Every Aspect Of My Existence!

Image source: reddit.com

#13 People Used To Call Me Cheeks, 10 Years Can Do A Lot!

Image source: reddit.com

#14 15/17 vs. 21 (About To Turn 22)

Image source: No-Situation849

#15 Left (16 Years Old, Never Kissed A Boy, Genuinely Believed I Would Be A 40 Year Old Virgin), Right (26 Years Old, Much Happier)

Image source: reddit.com

#16 14, 16 And 18. Down 100lbs And A Cardio Fiend

Image source: Vincent-the-great

#17 2015-2021

Image source: Iljari

#18 15 -> 16 -> 20. Looking Back At Old Pictures Like, No Wonder I Used To Be So Depressed

Image source: DorieFoxx

#19 6th Grade And 21

Image source: reddit.com

#20 14 To 20 Because People Said My Resting Face Was Angry

Image source: reddit.com

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