30 Amazing Photos Shared In This Online Travel Community That Might Tempt You To Pack Your Bags

Published 2 years ago

One of the best ways to broaden your horizons is to travel. Meeting new people, coming in contact with different cultures, and exploring new places can boost mental health, improve communication skills and help you to get out of your comfort zone and grow as an individual.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, traveling can also help you find the inner peace that is usually forgotten in the chaos of your daily routine. The subreddit r/travel  is an online community of around 6.3M travelers from all around the world, and they share lots of stunning photos of tourist places and wonderful sites in this community. Check out some of the pictures shared by those travelers in the gallery below.

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#1 Had To Vacation In My Home Country This Year. I Am Okay With It. Romsdalen, Norway

Image source: EinFogel

#2 Mürren, Swiss Alps

Image source: reddit.com

#3 The Serengeti Absolutely Blew My Mind Away

Image source: mkz419

#4 Beautiful Ukraine, Road Trip This Summer

Image source: bbriga

#5 The Most Incredible Border Between Vietnam & China

Image source: EpicAdriann

#6 I Spent Four Days Camping Out In The Remote Algerian Sahara – Just Me And A Local Guide. I Took A Million Photos But This Was One Of My Favourites. Freezing Cold At Night, But Free Of All Light Pollution The Sky Was Breathtakingly Beautiful

Image source: xe3to

#7 Not As Exotic As Most Destinations Posted Here, But Still Just As Beautiful – Seven Sisters, UK

Image source: ph0tora

#8 I Broke Out Of My Comfort Zone And Explored London Solo. It’s Not Much To Some, But It Was One Of My Happiest Moments

Image source: reddit.com

#9 The Exact Moment I Took A Step Too Close To The Border Between North And South Korea And Got A Push On The Butt From Two NK Soldiers. What’s Your Favorite Travel Photo Of Yourself?

Image source: ingachan

#10 I Visited North Korea Recently, These Are Some Of The Photos

Image source: _mitch_the_gr8

#11 I Was In Cobh; Co. Cork; Ireland! The Last Port The Titanic Left From, And A Very Lovely Little Town

Image source: charles_tully

#12 Tulparkul – Kyrgyzstan. Is This Heaven On Earth?

Image source: Etchdphotography

#13 This Bridge Turned 300 Years Old In 2017! No Wonder The Village Of Carrbridge, Scotland Is Named After It

Image source: ani_svnit

#14 Petra Is One Of Those Places Where Photos Really Don’t Do Reality Justice, But This Was One Of My Best Efforts From Today

Image source: felixjmorgan

#15 A Lit Up Westminster Abbey In London Tonight

Image source: 160938

#16 Impressive Monument To Peace, In Stavanger, Norway

Image source: uspn

#17 Morning Hike On The Island Of Capri

Image source: likestomove

#18 Visited Sørvágsvatn In The Faroe Islands And Proceeded To Have My Socks Knocked Off

Image source: BeardedMillenial

#19 Wife And I Hate Big Social Events And Love Traveling. So Rather Than A Normal Wedding, Traveled To Switzerland And Did Our Vows In Private. Photo From The Day

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Pic I Took Of A Suspension Bridge In The Mountains Of Wakayama, Japan

Image source: nategolon

#21 My $2 Room View In Ghorepani, Nepal

Image source: deathbystools

#22 Hallstatt, Austria Is Freezing Cold This Time Of Year, But Stunningly Beautiful

Image source: reddit.com

#23 Southwest China Is Kinda Nice

Image source: yezoob

#24 Girlfriend And I Went To The Ruins Of Ephesus In Turkey And There Were More Cats Than People

Image source: SuperFishy

#25 One Of My Favorite Pics From Kyoto, Japan. Felt Like A Scene From Lord Of The Rings

Image source: bruce_wayne_gretzky

#26 Our Airbnb Balcony In Catalan (Everything On The Table Is Local, Costing Less Than 10euros Collectively, Including Jamon Iberico)

Image source: katiemiddleton1994

#27 Breakfast In Cappadocia Yesterday

Image source: Kingissu

#28 Colmar, France. In The Litte Venice Neighborhood

Image source: IWishIwasAwhale1

#29 A Quintessentially Edinburgh Picture With My 2 Favourite Buildings

Image source: ani_svnit

#30 One Of The Most Beautiful Restaurants I Have Ever Eaten At In The Mountains Of Lebanon

Image source: sethcscotty

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