42 Tattoos That Are Being Called Out By A “Tattoo-Sorry” Page

Published 8 months ago

Someone had some great advice for anyone choosing to get a tattoo. They recommend getting the tattoo stencilled on a couple of weeks before permanently committing it to your skin. This allows you to see if you still like it after some time, how society reacts and is in general just a really solid piece of advice with minimal risk. 

Something that maybe some of the people on this list should have considered before getting their own tattoos.  Found on the dedicated FB page, “I’m not tattoo-shaming, but I’m tattoo-sorry you gotta deal with…that”, these are the craziest, whackiest and most unhinged tattoo designs that people really went ahead with. As you can see in the gallery below, it’s easy to go wrong but it’s not that easy to go back so that random lil’ piece of wisdom is honestly sounding better and better. 

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Image source: Louise Atkins

Tilfeldig ForbipasserendeVertebarm


Image source: Claire Collinson

The Dog Lover (She/her)Shoulda thought that through


Image source: Isabella Hatchell

Sum GuyI think he’s in love with someone… i can’t figure out who


Image source: Ashlee Ryin

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa)Sort of like animals that evolve faces on their back to throw off predators. Pretty common in arthropods IIRC.


Image source: Fru00e9du00e9rique Doru00e9


Image source: Ree Ree


Image source: Rinn Miranda


Image source: Danny Sepulveda

HokuloaShould have gone to collage

Przemo: You mean colege? 😄

Bleau: College try Junior High School


Image source: Anonymous participant

Maris madnessI kind of like


Image source: Natasha Lesley

Saint ThomasGot strong “The Thing” vibes with this one. Kill it ! Kill it with fire !


Image source: Ally Lee Deverick

Andrew Burke: Astroboy?


Image source: Kat Cornette

Maris madnessThat eyebrow


Image source: Gareth Harris


Image source: Amber Ashley

Lyn MoffettWhy?

Insomnia: Because Daft Punk.


Image source: Chance Cross

Amanda SillikerHis poor wrinkled bum


Image source: Rhys Alford

Zoe VokesThis is the most realistic of the hair tattoos I’ve seen.


Image source: Ash Peters

Saint ThomasWhoaw… done by a butcher by the look of it… My god, so much skin damage…


Image source: Jennifer Bain

MabelbabelIs the giant hand erasing the world? Dusting it? Or is the duster another hand and its clapping?


Image source: Casper Reginald Walker

Sum GuyPeople love pain


Image source: India Imani

Widdershins66: Love this one!!! 🤓


Image source: Anonymous participant

HokuloaWow. I’m simply amazed his hair grows like that on his tricep. Perhaps troll doll worthy


Image source: Marie AB

Kaisa: Did she fall asleep on sprinkles?


Image source: u16b2u16a8u16cbu16c8u16d6u16b1 u16cbu16c1u16be

NapQueenOh, dear.


Image source: Sarah Coffin



Image source: Michael Woodson

XenonWow. Just wow.


Image source: Ashley Melissa

Twoflower: “Why won’t anyone hire me?!”


Image source: goodyhilton, goodyhilton

Hokuloa: Dood, maybe stop hittin up the cheese factory.


Image source: RAt AtAt

Przemo🎶 I tried so hard and got sofa but in the end it doesn’t even mattress 🎶


Image source: Kristy Purcell-Elliot


Image source: Courtney Mckenna

XenonThis is the worst so far.


Image source: Britney Parson-Kirk

Ovata AcronictaBobknee!


Image source: Sophie Marcel


Image source: Anonymous participant

Rocket SurgeonGotta give credit where it’s due the guy tattooed his thumbs.


Image source: Chance Cross

Kaisa: I lost my hoop


Image source: Benjamin Gross

Roger9er (edited): Maybe a strange tattoo, but very nice and clean.



Image source: Miakoda Lynne

Sum Guy“Freedom’s loudly”


Image source: Christipede Gillham

Andrew BurkeAlways thought Grimace was supposed to be a milkshake, not a s*x toy …


Image source: Luna Cazador

ℂ𝕒𝕗𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝔻𝕠𝕘/: I love this! Hilarious! Wouldn’t get it tattooed on me though


Image source: Diane Jones Musial

Maris madnessThat’s kinda cool


Image source: Anonymous participant

HokuloaLooks like a super serious coverup. From the looks of it he either had something awful, or lost a lot of weight and wanted to cover his distorted art


Image source: Thomas Greenwood

Saint ThomasYou just shouldn’t have, though…

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