20 Starbucks Baristas Are Spilling Out Facts About The Infuriating Things At Their Job

Published 2 years ago

Being a barista is not as easy as people would think – the struggles behind those happy smiles often go unnoticed. Even the baristas of the famous coffeehouse chain ‘Starbucks’ have to deal with various unpleasant situations at their job.

A Reddit community called r/Starbucks is a place where employees share good and bad moments from their work life. From entitled and rude customers to toxic work environments, scroll below to see what these baristas have to go through every day.

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#3 My Dog Passed And They Told Me To Come To Work Anyway So I Quit. Her Name Is Eva

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#7 Somebody Literally Set Our Store On Fire Sunday And My Coworkers And I Didn’t Know What To Do So We Just Kept Making Drinks

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#8 Me Watching Karen’s Card Get Declined

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#10 If Only All Customers Were Like This

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#12 60 Frappuccinos With No Tip… $279

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#19 When They Drive/Walk Past The Tip Jar

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