Teen Reports Her Boss For Sexual Harassment, Doesn’t Expect Reaction Like This

Published 7 years ago

By now you’re probably used to scrolling through a news feed filled with sexual harassment allegations that are shaking the Hollywood down to its core. But it’s not a problem prevalent only in the movie business, as this 18-year-old former Chili’s employee could testify. Emily Houser spoke out about her manager sexually harassing her over a period of 2 years, starting when she was only 16. Except in her case, she wasn’t met with support, instead, she became a perfect example of why victims of this tend to stay silent.

She claims that her manager, Josh Davidson, was very interested in her and would swing by her home and school bearing unwanted gifts regularly. But when he was rejected, he became contempt with Emily at work and moved on to another co-worker. Emily wasn’t going to let this happen to someone else, so she reported manager’s actions to the Chili’s corporate headquarters, which eventually got him transferred to another location.

And while it looked like the end of it, it turned out it’s going to get even uglier. Because the co-workers of Emily sided with Davidson (who eventually got fired from Chili’s), and on her last day of work they crafted a little ‘present’ for her and posted it on social media to make the end of this story bittersweet, to say the least. Read more below, and express your take on this in the comments.

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This is Emily Houser, an 18-year-old who bravely reported her former Chili’s manager for harassing her

Image credits: Emily Houser

After the manager was transferred away as a result, she turned on Instagram to find this

They had sided with the popular Josh Davidson, who Emily says stalked and propositioned her over a 2-year period

Image credits: Anthony92931

Though she had then left Chili’s, she reported the ‘party’ to corporate headquarters, leading to Davidson’s firing

Image credits: Emily Houser

People are saying that this is exactly why so many victims of assault and harassment choose to stay silent

Others, however, sense more to the story

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