The New Easy – Steel Kit Homes

Published 8 years ago

Steel Kit Homes solve so many problems. Termite-resistant and sustainable, these homes are excellent choices for coastal areas and rural climes. The entire exterior comes in the kit, ready to construct.


Steel frames can take harsh weather conditions common to Australia. The complete set of materials for the outer walls, roof, gutters and inside supports, including screws, nuts and bolts, are included in the kit, so the initial building stage is a good start.

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The kit-buyer is responsible for the interior of the home, and this allows for personal preferences. Floors, gyprock, lights, doors, windows, appliances and paint must be supplied by the homeowner. The kit sales company includes floor plans, engineering information and a complete construction manual.

Another plus is the that these kits transport easily and are manageable by building crews. There are several home plans available so that each home has a unique appearance, especially after the buyer selects colours. Single-storey or double-storey homes are the buyer’s choice as well.


Many homes look like wood or stucco, and most people would not think about a steel outer shell when randomly viewing a home. Second-storey balconies and carports can also be part of the design. Front porches are included, of course, and look just as inviting as they do on any well-built home.

Garages and sunrooms would be extra but can also be built from steel-kit plans. Home kits are made so that a homeowner can be his or her own builder or contract with a preferred builder. It beats waiting a year for a traditional home to be built, inspected and approved, especially if time is an important consideration.


Steel is sustainable and recyclable. Wood is too, but it may need more attention to survive the environment. The kit-buyer can also make the inside of the home eco-friendly since it is the owner’s personal preference. There is no arguing with contractors about materials when the homeowner makes the decisions.


A steel-kit home is ready to set up when materials arrive. With a competent builder and good weather, the outer shell can shape up quickly. This is good for the budget since it doesn’t go on and on. A professional builder can look at the manual if he or she has never built a steel-kit home before and ferret out what to do. The inside may be a more traditional plan and more familiar to a builder which would also eliminate time spent in research.


There are things to do before the home can be constructed, and buyers should read up on the preliminary jobs. The site should be flat and level, and there should be space to place materials about 5-6 metres from the site. It’s better to keep materials dry, if at all possible.

Materials should be stored in a dry place if they will not be put up right away. Proper drainage of the site must be done before building as well. It’s still home-building, not a tree fort. Here is a summary of things to consider when planning for a steel kit home.


All in all, a steel-kit home may be greener and less expensive in the long run. It may also hold up better and demand less attention. It would be wise to consult a professional about any questions.

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