20 Things That Were Forever Ruined By One Person’s Actions

Published 9 months ago

You’re at the cinema enjoying the vibe when suddenly you hear someone talking right in the midst of an important scene. It ruins the whole experience not only for you but for others around you as well. Unfortunately, these types of situations can happen in all aspects of life. One person’s actions can ruin an entire experience for a group of people. It’s important to remember that our actions have consequences and to be mindful of how they may affect others. 

When one person asked Netizens to recall incidents where one person ruined something for everyone else, a host of relatable responses came through. As usual, we’ve shared a few of the most interesting in the gallery before and remember, next time you’re in a situation where you have the power to make or break an experience for others, think twice before you act. Don’t be the one person who ruins it for everybody else.

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#1 Twitter, by Elon Musk. Pretty basic, I know but geez. This man’s just an arrogant child with waay too much money.

Image source: empty_skull_, wikipedia.org

#2 The shoe bomber.

Editor’s note: After “shoe bomber” Richard Reid’s attempt to take down a flight from Paris to Miami in late 2001, footwear started coming off at security checkpoints.

Image source: FIJAGDH, wikipedia.or

#3 I hate to be dark but, as a gymnastics coach: people like Larry Nassar and my own coach

As a gymnastics coach myself, I have to be extremely careful how I touch a kid in a sport where I have to….pick them up and move their body around and stuff. And obviously, I’d never purposefully put my hand in an inappropriate spot, but if I accidentally do while saving a kid from falling or something I have to profusely apologize and feel anxious. 99% of the time, the kid doesn’t even notice I grabbed them or something. Or, they don’t care because they’re happy I saved them from snapping their neck.

Some gyms ban coaches from giving a kid a hug and whatnot. We have strict rules in the gymnastics world where two or more adults have to be with a kid if they are alone in the gym. Which hey, I support. When I train male coaches, I tell them to be extra careful since they are more likely to get accused. Groomers gonna groom, but if a guy accidentally brushes a girl’s boob when he spots her, it shouldn’t be world ending. With the abusers that people know of primarily being men, male coaches are watched like hawks. I can get away with a gaggle of little four year olds tackling me and laying on me for a group hug. A male coach has to be veeeery careful.

But, it’s sad it has to be like that. I wish I could text a kid myself, set up a private lesson, meet them at the gym alone, we work on stuff, their parent picks them up. That’s not reality. People should just…not be weird to kids. Adults should be respectful and not abuse their privilege and a child’s innocence.

Now, people have a terrible perception of the sport I love because of the abuse myself and others faced. And, I don’t blame them.

Image source: SandiRHo, wikipedia.org

#4 The name “Karen”.

Image source: hornypandey

#5 A small town permanently cancelled Halloween because one kid was bullied and the mother lobbied and won. Turned out the kid was not bullied but was stealing other kid’s candy and they fought back.

Image source: The_North45, Charles Parker

#6 Gender reveals during fire season.

Image source: doowapeedoo, Alex Hussein

#7 Your last meal before execution in the U.S. used to be whatever you wanted, until one guy ordered an 18 course feast and didn’t touch it. After he was executed a law was passed saying all death row prisoners’ last meal would be the same as all the other prisoners.

Image source: YodasChick-O-Stick, Jer Chung

#8 The female body image, by the Kardashians. Yes, I consider them all one person, since they all seem to have been built by the same plastic surgeon.

Millions of girls and women worldwide seem to think that surgery, teams of hairdressers, nail and make-up artists, personal stylists, shapewear, Instagram filters and photoshop make them real women. That whoie family should be cancelled, instead they’re billionnaires. Sign of the times ..

Image source: CutTheCrapDotCom, kimkardashian

#9 Telemarketing. Owning a phone used to be a good thing, now almost every phone call is some shady insurance scam or panhandler looking for money.

Image source: wkarraker, MART PRODUCTION


The Cosby Show.

Because of Cosby.

Image source: Facebook_Algorithm

#11 Tipping. Businesses are pushing their customers to tip because they don’t want to pay their employees fair wages.

Image source: BoysenberryWilling94, cottonbro studio


The internet was ruined by whoever it was that invented pop-ups. And video ads, for that matter.

Image source: tc6x6


American flag… every time I see one I automatically think the person flying it is racist. I think we all know who.

Image source: LBCvalenz562


The arsonists who set the Quebec forests ablaze, placing the North western hemisphere under smoke for a third of our summer….. Natural disaster caused a lot of the fires still going today but intentional sabotage didn’t help.

Image source: Crazys0sa

#15 Giving out free product when we are just going to throw it away anyway.

We used to do this at the end of the night, last few hours of the day if we had a lot of donuts or bread BUT because of certain people who use this as an opportunity to sue a business with the excuse of “They gave me spoiled food and i got sick” now it’s not allowed and we have to put coffee grounds on everything we throw away.

Also the drug addicts who think it’s funny to just throw it all over the parking lot too.

Also bathroom privileges. Since it’s apparent that people don’t know how to use one properly, we don’t have to let the public use them and yes that includes your kids as well since you don’t clean up after them.

Image source: KariRose31, Tim Mossholder


Sex …by my kid…. wtf little dude. You can watch paw patrol for 2 hours straight but then I snatch yo momma in for a min and we can’t even get through the warm up!?

Image source: DragontheeOnMeBalz

#17 Vaccines by Andrew Wakefield. Thanks to that a*s hat we have way too many antivax idiots.

Image source: timberwolf0122, cottonbro studio

#18 Guys on 9/11 ruined flying honestly. All the security means when u fly u have to get there super early and stand in lines all day.

Image source: Longjumping-Volume25, wikipedia.org

#19 The a*****e who poisoned Tylenol in the 1980s and made it acceptable to make everything, not even just medications, very tamper-proof, but also pretty damn user-proof if you have any dexterity limitations at all.

Image source: 4AcidRayne, Pietro Jeng

#20 A s**t ton of symbols have had their meaning completely changed because some mentally ill dude got rejected by an art school.

Image source: Ya_boi_excalibur, .wikipedia.or

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