This Egg-Shaped Candle Contains A Baby Unicorn That’s Ready To Hatch From Its Rainbow Lair

Published 6 years ago

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how unicorns are born, now is your chance.

According to Firebox, these magical beasts are brought into the world through a combination of fire, patience and rainbows.

This majestic candle, created by the unique homeware and lifestyle retailer, allows you to hatch your very own mythical friend. Just light the wick on this speckled egg and wait for the colourful wax to melt down.

After a while, your very own ceramic unicorn pal will be free from its vibrant wax chamber, ready to bestow joy and happiness onto your bedside table forever.

Firebox also have Hatching Dinosaur and Hatching Dragon Candles, if mythical steeds aren’t your thing.

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