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This New Facebook Bot Will Send You Beautiful Paintings Everyday

Published 7 years ago

What is Art Bot? It’s a Facebook messenger bot, and it is considered as an easy mood booster to those who appreciate art, as you’ll receive a constant daily art doses that were picked up carefully to satisfy your sense of art.

Art bot comes with 3 main features:
– you can choose the type of art you want to receive Daily from the available categories (ancient art, modern art, or both)
– you can open the pictures you receive in HD
– you can see more info about the artist or the artwork

How to use it (Basic Guide)?

1- Go to The Bot Page on facebook or click here; 1- click on send message on top of the page; 2- click on “Get started” button in the chat box and if the button doesn’t show up please type anything in the chat and click “Back to Main Menu” button; 3- select what type of art do you want the bot to send you every day (Modern Art – After 2000’s) or (Ancient Art – Before 2000’s); 4- Now you are subscribed! The bot will send you a painting every day from the type of art you selected.

The Bot is Created By Marwan Medhat and if you have any suggestions you can contact send me a message and I’ll answer ASAP.

More info: facebook

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Bot Logo

Welcome Message

Example : When user choose Ancient Art 1/2

Example : When user choose Ancient Art 2/2

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