Red Thread Maze That Mimics The Complexity Of Your Mind

Published 8 years ago

Starting tomorrow (September 17th) Berlin’s Blain|Southern gallery will become a stage for Japanese artist’s Chiharu Shiota Uncertain Journeya visually stunning maze of thread and imagination.

Shiota is known for her impressive woven thread installations that tend to transform the galleries in which they’re exhibited into the surreal worlds that the visitor can also be a part of. To transfer the idea behind Uncertain Journey, the artist relies on two main elements: first being the boat skeletons, which serve as a base for the second part which is the complex maze of thread that symbolizes the existential questions deep within us about fate and belonging, evoking complex emotions in us that sometimes are as the tangled as the yarn itself.

More info: chiharu shiota (h/t: designboom)

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