‘She Was Simply The Best’: 20 Heartfelt Tributes To Tina Turner

Published 11 months ago

American-born Swiss singer more popularly known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll”, Tina Turner, sadly left us on Wednesday, the 24th of May. She passed at the age of 83 in the comfort of her own home in Küsnacht, Switzerland. The legendary singer was a force of nature, known for her simply stunning musical talent and iconic big hairdos. She had a captivating stage presence that charmed audiences and other legendary superstars, such as the famed Elvis Presley, alike.

Unfortunately, Tina was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016 and a year later she underwent a kidney transplant which reportedly, had some malfunctioning issues. Despite these hurdles, she went on to produce a Tony-nominated Broadway musical, “Tina”, based on her own life story. 

Following her death, a wave of sympathetic condolences and grief has encompassed almost all online communities and everyone from Barack Obama to Elton John have been sharing their heartfelt tributes to the recently passed Queen. Her music will forever live on in our hearts as ‘Simply the Best’ and our fervent hope is that her legacy may live on for generations to come.  

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Turner inspired countless music lovers, amongst them many famous people who paid heartfelt tribute online

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