The Way Designers Transformed This Tiny 22m2 (236ft2) Space Is Genius

Published 6 years ago

As housing prices keep going up, people are choosing smaller, more affordable homes. Many times these homes come with a challenge – to use all of the available space for all necessary furniture and household appliances. One design team from Taipei City, Taiwan, called ‘A Little Design’ have taken on such a challenge for one of their customers.

The idea was to maximize all of the available space in a 22sq.m (236ft. sq) apartment. This was no simple task – the owner asked for a mezzanine floor for their bed and desk, flexible shelves and most importantly – a bathtub. The company succeeded with flying colors – the finished apartment is both cozy and practical. It’s certainly the kind of apartment you wouldn’t mind coming back to after a hard day at work!

We think that in the near future, with real estate prices steadily rising, homes like these will start to become even more popular. So take some inspiration from the photos of this cozy apartment in the gallery below!

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Rising housing prices often make people opt for smaller homes

A Taiwanese design studio called ‘A Little Design’ took on a challenge to maximize the living space of a 22sq.m (236ft. sq) apartment

The apartment design included floor to ceiling storage

Making sure no space is wasted

The owner requested a mezzanine to create more usable space upstairs

The way the apartment looks from above

The installed ladder provides a trendy and practical touch

While also providing access to the many bookshelves installed

The client is frequently abroad so the apartment is mostly for sleeping

Now that’s where we’d like to take a nap!

The mezzanine includes a bed

Despite the small size, the apartment has a fully functioning kitchen and a washing machine

With the living space being limited, innovative decisions have to be taken

Such as installing these space-saving tables that can be re-arranged into different positions

The client even asked for the design team to fit a bathtub – and they did!

Here are the floor plans of the apartment

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