20 ‘Today I Learned’ Facts That Prove You Can Learn Something New Everyday (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Every new day provides an opportunity to learn something new, and to grow our knowledge about the huge world we live in. And if you are someone who consciously chooses to learn new things every day, then you might be aware of the subreddit “Today I Learned”.

Whether you are bored or just looking for some random facts to impress your friends, this online community will definitely help you learn fascinating facts. Scroll below to read some of their posts. And if you are interested in more TIL facts, check out our previous articles herehere, and here.

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Image source: just2good, Northwest Retail

TIL an Iowa Supermarket employee went missing in 2009 while at work, only to have his decomposed body discovered in a gap between a freezer and a wall 10 years later in 2019.


Image source:  Lagavulin16_neat, Carol M. Highsmith

TIL that photographer Carol Highsmith donated tens of thousands of her photos to the Library of Congress, making them free for public use. Getty Images later claimed copyright on many of these photos, then accused her of copyright infringement by using one of her own photos on her own site.


Image source:  Brainbus, Photobank MD

TIL there is a mall in the capital of the country Moldova called Malldova.


Image source: theotherbogart , Akademan

TIL Andre Agassi won 10 of 11 matches after seeing a “tick” in Boris Becker’s serve. Agassi could predict where Becker was serving based on whether Becker stuck his tongue out in the middle of his lip or to the left corner of his lip. Agassi told Becker over a pint of beer – after they retired.


Image source: Sensitive-Ad9508, John Mainstone

TIL that the longest running lab experiment is the Pitch Drop experiment. It demonstrates how tar is the most viscous liquid being 100 billion times more viscous than water. Only 9 drops have fallen in the 95 years since it began in 1927.


Image source:  LazeLinez, Gage Skidmore

TIL Actor Kevin Bacon pays off DJ’s when he attends weddings so that they won’t play “Footloose.”


Image source: runixracoon, BBC

TIL composer Andre Tchaikovsky requested his skull be donated to the Royal Shakespeare Company for use in theatrical performances. In 2008, David Tennant used the skull in Hamlet.


Image source:  ExplicitlyMellow, Greta Hoffman

TIL Tomatoes are native to the Americas, so there was no such thing as tomato sauce in Italy until at least the 16th century.


Image source:  Cute_Umpire, Ivan Oboleninov

TIL sleep helps clean our brain. Or in the words of the journal Science, “Observations showed that when mice sleep, channels between neurons in their brains expand, allowing cerebrospinal fluid to flush out detritus, such as proteins that in human beings are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”


Image source: evilclownattack, skytetes

TIL in response to infamously high suicide rates at Mapo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea, the bridge was adorned with suicide prevention messages and uplifting photos. These measures weren’t enacted by the government, however, instead the entire project was financed by Samsung’s life insurance division.


Image source: nejicanspin, Make-A-Wish Foundation

TIL that one of the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh cards in existence is Tyler the Great Warrior. It was created by Tyler Gressle, a boy that had a rare form of liver cancer. He got to create his own card through Make-A-Wish Foundation and they printed one card just for him. He made a full recovery.


Image source:  chumloadio, Jean-Louis Sieff

TIL after a seizure left him paralyzed except for his left eyelid, Jean-Dominique Bauby (1952-1997) wrote the bestselling book “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by blinking to select each letter as an assistant recited the alphabet to him.


Image source:  johntentaquake , Open Grid Scheduler

TIL that alcohol consumption in the U.S. was almost 300% higher in the 1800s, and that whiskey at the time was cheaper than beer, coffee or milk.


Image source:  jamescookenotthatone, kafkamuseum

TIL Very little of Franz Kafka’s works were published during his lifetime and he burned 90% of his work. Works like The Trial and The Castle were saved when the executioner of Kafka’s will ignored Kafka’s request to have his remaining works destroyed.


Image source:  erockskop, Formula1

TIL A $250,000 diamond placed on the nose of an F1 car was lost in a crash in the 2004 Monaco GP. It’s still missing today.


Image source: thefuckouttaherelol4, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright

TIL the Wright Brothers were perpetual bachelors, and that Orville Wright disowned their sister Katherine after she married and had a family of her own, feeling he had been “betrayed”.


Image source: guitar_jed, Polina Tankilevitch

TIL that Over 50 percent of the world’s population relies on rice for 80 percent of it’s food requirements.


Image source:  twoshillings, upyernoz

TIL In the UK, the distinction between an actor and an extra is defined by agreements between the actors trade unions and the various commercial production bodies. These state that once a performer says 13 or more words in any scene, they must become a contracted actor in that production.


Image source: chapstickninja, Harris & Ewing

TIL The inventor of the television was a 15 year old farm boy who got the idea for scanning an image in rows from the back and forth motion of plowing a field.


Image source:  KingKult, Velcro

TIL Velcro is actually a brand name, and they launched campaigns to get people to stop saying “Velcro”. The correct term is actually “hook and loop”.

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