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Photography Project: 10 Photos That Show The Differences 10 Years Can Make

Published 1 month ago

Canadian traveller and photographer, Guido Gutierrez Ruiz, shares his captures of Toronto’s changing landscape over the years. His comparison pictures show how the same exact locations in Toronto looked 10 years ago in 2013, versus now in 2023. 

The 10-year project gives us an understanding of the way changes take place around us that may otherwise go unnoticed during the passage of time. Scroll below to check out the gallery and feel free to comment whether you think the changes make the aesthetic of the location better or worse. 

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#1 2013 vs. 2023

#2 2013 vs. 2023

#3 2013 vs. 2023

#4 2013 vs. 2023

#5 2013 vs. 2023

#6 2013 vs. 2023

#7 2013 vs. 2023

#8 2013 vs. 2023

#9 2013 vs. 2023

#10 2013 vs. 2023

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