20 Posts From An Online Group Dedicated To Publicly Shaming Incels

Published 1 year ago

Incel as a word derives its cultural significance from a tragic incident that occurred in 2014, when a 22-year-old young man, Elliot Rodger, left an autobiographical video detailing his “involuntary celibacy” and went on a killing spree in California. He murdered 6 men and women as well as injured 14 others on the streets, randomly shooting or running them over with his vehicle because he wanted to; punish women for rejecting him and because he envied sexually active men.

The following posts are taken from the reddit page, dedicated to shaming, which focuses on denouncing similar misogynists. They further aspire to create awareness that there is no condoning of such toxic behavior of individuals who would rather blame everyone else but themselves for their problems.

More info: Reddit | Crest Research | Wikipedia

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#1 How Do They Even Come Up With The Sh*t For These Posts?

Image source: Silver_ultimate

#2 Holy Sh*t

Image source: PrettyRefrigerator83

#3 Sex Isn’t Everything, Incels

Image source: ShredtheBlackPill

#4 Don’t Know How Many Times I Need To Say This, But Nobody Is Entitled To Sex

Image source: Sophie-xoxo

#5 Basically Incels

Image source: MunkSWE94

#6 Mmm Yes Because The Bible Is The Most Trustworthy And Correct Source Of Information.. Definitely

Image source: reddit.com

#7 The “Incel Doxes Onlyfans Creator” Meme, But Make It Wholesome

Image source: PM_bellybuttons_plz

#8 So Glad I Had Minimal Creepers During My Time In Customer Service. Stay Safe Out There Everyone!

Image source: Gladiator_Fembot

#9 Waiting For All The Incels To Start B*tching

Image source: liquidsolid06

#10 Saw An Incel In The Wild, Then This Funny Comeback

Image source: TWAMOKUUUUR

#11 I Never Understand It

Image source: reddit.com

#12 If We Talked About Incels The Way They Talk About Us


#13 This Applies To Everyone, But Especially Incels/Nice Guys

Image source: i-dont-have-a-pet

#14 No Sex! No Education! Women Bad!

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Critical Hit

Image source: LazyLeftist

#16 I Feel Like This Belongs Here

Image source: Landerson1303

#17 A Rare Moment Of Clarity

Image source: CatFriend45457

#18 This

Image source: hoppity_boppity_bop

#19 For Those Lurkingcels

Image source: BadAssPrincessA

#20 Truth

Image source: ScottWesterfeld

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