20 Straight Men Who Broke Gender Stereotypes And Did Things That Are Considered “Gay” By The Society

Published 2 years ago

Our society has been forcing several gender roles for a very long time. Men and women are expected to dress and behave differently. They are supposed to do different activities and like different colors. Sometimes, these stereotypes even become a hindrance to an individual’s overall growth and personality development.

It’s still very common to hear someone say to a little boy “Don’t cry like a girl”. It’s really weird that people have assigned gender roles to emotions. Emotions are the essence of being a human and everyone should feel comfortable expressing them regardless of their gender. Recently a Reddit user asked What are the things every man should at least try even though they are stigmatized as ‘gay’ or ‘unmanly?’” Many men revealed things that they do and get judgemental looks for them. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: talldarkanddark

“Being verbally and physically affectionate (if you’re comfortable with contact in general) with your boys.

I tell my boys I love them. I hug my boys. I kiss my boys before a night of wrestling and howling at the moon. Aragorn kissed Boromir. You gonna tell me Aragorn was unmanly? Good luck saving Gondor without your boys, coward.”


Image source: Juice1984

“Telling your male friends you love them. Just at the end of highschool my group had several deaths occur. Car accident, cancer, suicide and a couple murders. Now in my current group we say love you after most conversation. Some people think it wierd but f**k em. People aren’t around forever. Better to let them know how you feel while you can.”


Image source: ErBearRawrr

“My husband paints my nails and helps me do my hair. I have a condition that makes those little jobs monumentally difficult. When we start dating as teens he took a make up course in school to help me do my make up, and pick complimentary colours. He was a metal head teenager in a make up course and I think it’s the most manly thing anyone’s ever done.”


Image source: Cryptid-Fluff

“Shaving your legs until they’re smooth as glass, and then snuggling down under a soft, fluffy blanket. It’s like you’re sleeping in butter and it is a feeling everyone should experience in life.

Until the hairs start to come back.”


Image source: unknown

“Crying. Just let it out, guys. You can do it! Don’t apologize for it or hide it either.”


Image source: DaAdobo ·

“Cooking, f**king hell don’t rely on others for something you need everyday. Deliveries and take aways are expensive, and it’s really really satisfying when you whip up something and it’s delicious. Eating noodles and microwave meals all the time isn’t really that much better too. You can make a pretty good pasta for like $1-3 or so per portion.

And to those men who say “I’d just marry someone who cooks”, yeah right what if the “one” doesn’t know how to cook?”


Image source: coffeeglitch

“When my husband and I first started dating I turned him on to the magic of baths. We did face mask and bath bombs(which he really thought would explode) and bath salt(which he was worried would make him a zombie). Now he drags me into lush and ask if after our date nights if we can take a bath. I keep talking about “when we buy a house…” and he follows up with it needs a nice tub.”


Image source: heatherwants2play

“Getting a massage! My SO never had one and I convinced him to get one. He felt so relieved.”


Image source: ChurchOfEarth

“Thinking, talking about and understanding your emotions.”


Image source: TJP8ZL

“Being the little spoon.”


Image source: atomicbob1

“Try sewing. I’m the seamstress (seammaster?) for my family. Fixing clothing and making curtains etc can be just as useful as fixing a car, and comes in handy more frequently!”


Image source: redtigerpro

“Anything I do is manly, because I’m a man and I’m doing it.

Crying over an emotional situation. Man card punched.
Having tea with my daughter. Man card punched.
Daddy dance time with the kids. Man card punched.
A “spa day” with a straight razor shave, mani/pedi and towel treatment. Man card punched.
Wearing purple or pink, (the colors of Royalty and Pussy!). Man card punched.
Having my prostate stimulated for the best orgasm of my life. Man card punched.

If you’re not insecure, you don’t miss out on experiences because of labels.”


Image source: buck9000

“Quality hugs for your bros. Don’t do the ol’ shoulders touch and pat on the back. Grab your friend and give them a hug!”


Image source: Red-Direct-Dad

“I pee sitting down. It’s way better. Fight me.”


Image source: nofartknockin

“Also seeing a therapist. That s**t is fire.”


Image source: DaveDeathmetal

“Moisturising. Take care of your skin boys.”


Image source: FungusTaint

“Going to the spa. D**k or no d**k, we all deserve to be pampered every once in awhile.”


Image source: pine_ary

“Skirts. They‘re comfortable and should absolutely make their way into male fashion. Kilts are great, just think of what we‘re missing out on.”


Image source: Mabescs


I don’t understand why is so gendered. Why ads focus on ‘you can put this black/navy skincare product and still be manly ‘

It’s skin, is an important human organ, and actually not that different in needs from man/woman.

Everyone NEEDS to wash your face properly and to protect it from dehydration and sun damage.”


Image source: MartyFreeze

“Pedicures. They FEEL great and it’s nice to not have to deal with your toenails and dry ass skin on your feet.

Extra bonus: if the technician jokes about painting your toenails, say yes. It will MAKE their day and then you get the extra bonus of showing them off to friends and family. They will laugh too and if they make effeminate jokes, just say you don’t care and you’re confident in your masculinity that some polish isn’t going to bother you. And more importantly, it’s FUN.”

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