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10 Traveling Tips Shared By A Flight Attendant

Published 8 months ago

Traveling is all about recreation and acquiring new experiences but it can easily become stressful if not planned properly. Esther Sturrus, a flight attendant who has been traveling for many years, shares important information on TikTok that will help you make your traveling experience smooth and stress-free.

If you are a travel enthusiast planning to hit the road, then bookmark this page as these great tips will come in handy when you travel. Check out some of her most useful tips in the gallery below.

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Image source: esthersturrus

“No speaker with you? Put your phone in a mug and you have loud sound!”


Image source: esthersturrus

“Are your curtains not closing properly? Use a clothes hanger!”


Image source: esthersturrus

“Shower cap is also very handy for your remote control. Those things are dirty.”


Image source: esthersturrus

“Use your room key for your electricity? NO! You can also use all other cards for this!”


Image source: esthersturrus

“Does your cardboard cup also tip over? Put it the other way around and poke your toothbrush through it! Washbasins are not hygienic.”


Image source: esthersturrus

“World travel plug broken? Use your USB cable and charge it in the TV!”


Image source: esthersturrus

“Your clothes wrinkled? Hang your clothes in the bathroom while showering! Dry wash it and it’s like new again!”


Image source: esthersturrus

“Mirror steamed up and you have to leave quickly? Blow dry where necessary and it’s gone in no time!”


Image source: esthersturrus

“Check if no one is under your bed without looking? Throw a bottle under it! He has to come out on the other side.”


Image source: esthersturrus

“What else is a shower cap useful for? Use it as a cover over your shoes!”

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