This Man Decided To Twist Tree Trunks In His Mind-Boggling Project Called ‘TWIST’

Published 2 years ago

Christophe Guinet, a botanical artist, also known as Monsieur Plant, has created a mind-boggling project called ‘TWIST’ which highlights “a series of delicately contorted tree trunk sculptures echoing the emotions of nature through their distinct forms.”

According to Christophe, “The series introduces five unique installation pieces that ‘come straight out of a fantastic and magical universe’, modeled in unusual configurations to question the transformative powers and limitations of nature.” Check out his amazing works in the gallery below.

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Image source: Monsieur Plant

In a note to DeMilked, Monsieur Plant shared that he continues to explore his affinity for the natural environment and his practice of fusing elements of popular culture with the natural world through the creation of curious sculptures. “The urban gardener and artist delicately twists and contorts robust pieces of tree trunk, modeling them into five designs recalling everyday symbols and objects. The series includes ‘Tree Knot’, ‘Barbed Wood’, ‘Nature Lover’, ‘Wooden Lace’, and ‘Infinity’ — each connoting the various emotions that can be found in nature. The hyper-realistic works have been molded into distinct shapes to question the powers of nature and its ability to transform and adapt while testing the bounds of its limitations.”

Image source: Monsieur Plant

“Each of the works was sculpted in plaster, according to sketches, then covered with pine bark to create the illusion of a real tree trunk,” reveals the artist.

Image source: Monsieur Plant

Monsieur Plant says, “It was during my walks in the forest that I was inspired by this project, by observing the way trees grow, we found unusual, unique, humorous shapes… questions me about adaptation in its environment and to what extent nature can surprise me. This is the reason why I wanted to work on the deformation by exaggerating the forms in order to challenge, question the person who observes my works.”

Image source: Monsieur Plant

Image source: Monsieur Plant

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