This Guy Was Looking For Someone To Trade His Mismatched Yellow Truck Hood With, And The Internet Did Not Disappoint

Published 5 years ago

Facebook groups are a whole different galaxy full of weird stuff and people – anti-vaxxers, gun nuts, Trump supporters – you name it. Yet occasionally you can come across some pretty cool stories, like this one where a man was looking for someone to trade his mismatched truck hood with and found someone with the opposite problem.

Ūzieł Valles posted a photo of his white truck with a yellow hood to a Facebook group called “Dropped Denver Trucks”, looking for someone who would trade the mismatched hood to a properly colored one. Soon enough, to everyone’s surprise, another man responded with a photo of his own vehicle – a yellow truck with a white hood.

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This man was looking for someone to trade hoods with and the thread quickly went viral

Image credits: Uziel.valles.Jr

What’s surprising the most is that Ūzieł managed to get such an oddly specific part in less than 24 hours. It looks like the stars aligned for these two!

This is how the trucks looked after the exchange

Image credits: Uziel.valles.Jr

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Ūzieł said neither he nor his family expected for the post to go viral. “They’re all laughing ‘haha we didn’t think this was gonna happen’ and some are happy to see my truck going around,” said the man.

Image credits: Uziel.valles.Jr

People loved this amazing coincidence

Image credits: Mangu_baby

Image credits: KingFarallon

Image credits: sean_memes

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