This $400,000 Texas House Might Be The Most Extra House You’ve Ever Seen

Published 5 years ago

If you’re in the market for a new house, remember one thing: the facades can often hide all sorts of weird stuff inside. As is the case with this house that recently went up for sale in Texas. It might seem like a rather ordinary ranch-style house from the outside, but once you step inside, you instantly understand why the owners are asking a whopping $400,000 for it… or do you?

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A rather innocent looking house recently went up for sale in Texas for $400,000

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The description of the house begins rather tame: “Large 4 Br/2 Ba Ranch style home in Leisurewoods. Kitchen and walls painted custom by owner. Detached converted garage, detached office, pool, green room. Large living room/den, and formal dining plus breakfast nook. Furniture is negotiable. Huge lot with mature trees.” However, it quickly takes a dark turn before continuing as if nothing happened: “Historical Texans burial plot in [the] front yard. One of a kind, artistic home with lots of great features.” Wait, what? We’ve seen enough horror movies to know where this is going.

The interior of the house looks like something from Alice in Wonderland

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One word: pink. Lots of it. So much, in fact, we didn’t even know so many shades of it even existed. Oh and we love the couch, or should we say “cushion holder”.

And it doesn’t end with just the living room

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There’s so much stuff on the shelves, it’s hard to focus your eyes on just a single thing. Just imagine how frustrating the dusting should be.

And you better believe the rest of the interior is just as busy

Image credits: unknown

We hope you like couches. And leopard print. And floral patterns. And decorative cushions. How many decorative cushions does one household need anyway? “A few more” might be the answer in this case.

More decorative cushions, more floral patterns, more eyesores

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Imagine losing something in this house – you’d be better off just saying goodbye to that thing. You’d never find it here. The fern is a nice touch though.

How to make sure your kitchen never looks tidy 101

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Honestly, the interior of this house looks like one of those video games where you have to find hidden items. Except here you don’t get clues. We hope the hefty $400,000 price at least includes that head of cabbage.

Up next: more decoupage madness

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Tassels. Flowers. Decorative plates. Cabbage head. Slice of watermelon. Need we say more?

After all this effort, why spare the dishwasher from decoupage?

Image credits: unknown

At this point, that dishwasher looks like the blandest object in the whole house – luckily your look is quickly drawn away by the nice leopard print floor mat conveniently placed next to it.

And the final piece – the master bedroom

Image credits: unknown

Ahh, the cow print stool goes perfectly with the rabbit lamp. And the red drapes give the room that lovely Twin Peaks-esque vibe.

The master bathroom, of course, is equally impressive

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It’s almost amazing how this bathroom contains everything from porcelain dolls to weird leopard print stools and almost no things you’d actually expect to find in a bathroom, like hand soap or toothbrushes.

People on the internet had mixed opinions about the house

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