Horrors Of War In Ukraine Captured Through The Lens Of A 20-Year-Old Photographer

Published 7 years ago

Ukrainian photojournalist Anastasia Vlasova has found a career path in one of the most dangerous places in the world – the war zone in Eastern Ukraine.

When the EuroMaidan protests started in Ukraine (2014), Anastasia was only 20 years old. But the young photographer dived right into them and eventually was lead to the Eastern part of the country, where the conflict between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian officials, has already claimed at least 2,877 soldiers and some 6,500 civilian lives according to the United Nations’ estimates.

“The Sense of War is an ongoing documentary project about war without an official status or recognition which gains momentum right in the middle of Europe,” explains the photographer. “You can see it and feel, but it’s still easier to pretend blindfolded to numerous deaths, grieves and lives damaged.”

Make sure you visit Anastasia’s website for more (sadly) ongoing footage of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. (h/t: huckmagazine)

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#1 A woman sits on a bus as she just got evacuated from the embattled town of Debaltseve, Donetsk area

#2 A EuroMaidan protester throws a brick at the riot police on January 22, 2014

#3 Relatives attend the funeral of 11-year old Artem Lytkin, who was killed on January 19, 2015 during the shelling in Debaltseve, Donetsk Oblast

#4 Yulia Novomlynets, 18, waits to receive the humanitarian aid in the local Palace of Culture which is used as a bomb shelter in Mironovskiy

#5 A view of a kindergarten that was shelled in Debaltseve, Donetsk area, Ukraine. Children were evacuated before the shelling

#6 The body of one of the passengers lays near the crash site of the MH17, Malaysia Airlines flight, which crashed while flying over Donetsk

#7 A man takes part in a Solidarity demonstration in central square of Donetsk

#8 A pro-Russian protester checks a vehicle at a checkpoint near Izvarino village, Lugansk Oblast. The boy is wearing a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt

#9 Armed Russian-backed militants pass next to the wreckage of a MH17 flight which crashed during flight over Donetsk

#10 Protesters sing as they get warm near a fire barrel at Hrushevskoho Street, Kiev, on February 2, 2014


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