36 Strange Photos People Found On Their Phones That Weren’t Taken By Them

Published 6 years ago

Have you ever had a little too much fun on a night out and lost your phone, only to have it returned later with a little extra something included? If that little extra something is a picture you don’t remember taking, then don’t worry – turns out you’re not the only one.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of people finding unexpected prank photos of people and animals in their phones and it’s absolutely hilarious! From the Dark Knight reunion to doctors with a sense of humor – these pictures are sure to brighten your day.

Check them out in the gallery below!


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#1 So I Left My Phone In The Yard While I Gathered Lacrosse Balls To Shoot, And I Find This Picture Taken When I Get Back

Image source: Laxlizard2

#2 We Went Parasailing Yesterday And Asked Someone On The Boat To Take Photos Of Us. We Found This On Our Camera

Image source: ifoundcarmenandwaldo

#3 Friend Left Her Purse In An Uber On New Years Eve. Found Some Interesting Pictures On Her Phone When She Retrieved It The Following Day

Image source: Dbarakh

#4 Lost My Phone For A Few Hours, Found It Inside My Chicken Coop A Few Hours Later With This Picture In The Camera Roll

Image source: mrnanovideos1

#5 My Friend Got Separated From Our Group In Vegas One Night. He Managed To Make It Back To Our Room. In The Morning He Was Passed Out Holding His Phone. I Turned It On And This Picture Popped Up

Image source: iancameron

#6 After A Blackout Night, My Mate Woke Up To A Ripper Selfie On His Phone

Image source: CtrldKilla

#7 My Phone Takes A Picture When Someone Enters The Wrong Knock Code. Woke Up To This

Image source: Thrusthamster

#8 My Coworker Got His Wisdom Teeth Removed The Other Day, The Doctor Said He Would Take A Funny Picture While He Was Under Anesthesia…

Image source: Snow_Commander

#9 “Hi, We Found Your Mobile Phone. You Can Come And Pick It Up.” Dutch Policewomen Go Viral After Posting On Phone Owner’s Facebook Page

Image source: LaoBa

#10 Had To Give My Phone To The Nurse When I Went In To Have My Finger Partially Amputated. Woke Up To This Gem

Image source: HankDroppendeuce

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