30 Times People Shared The Funniest English Text Fails

Published 3 years ago

English is an interesting language and it’s a bit difficult to learn as a foreign language. But some people put their best efforts to express themselves in this language, even if they are not fully aware of its grammatical rules or spellings. I truly appreciate those people who don’t shy away from speaking broken English.

Sometimes, however, I can’t resist bursting into laughter when I hear or see something really funny like the examples in the gallery below. Take a look at some hilarious English fails that are collected from the subreddit r/engrish and don’t forget to smile!

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Image source: urnangay420blazeit


Image source: sohaur


Image source: KoolIdiot


Image source: Sheepapple00


Image source: antiseptiplier_edits


Image source: engelthehyp


Image source: xNooco


Image source: reddit.com


Image source: Izgoy


Image source: lulala112


Image source: Skim_Cheese


Image source: keeda101


Image source: UH-OH-STINKYYYY


Image source: Rhino_Squatch


Image source: MY_NAME_IS_JET


Image source: Blind_Carrots


Image source: DoubleSpook_


Image source: insertwittymemehere


Image source: chowderpouch


Image source: oliver_oil-f

#21 Drive Safe!

Image source: -idk_my_name


Image source: AstralLizardon


Image source: baisemoirten


Image source: MicrowavedToddler


Image source: shajo777


Image source: Stefano420


Image source: NopeURGay


Image source: ToneBone12345


Image source: AtlasAndandroid


Image source: Zuke020

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