30 Times Classical Art Pieces Were Turned Into Hilarious Memes

Published 3 years ago

Classical artworks serve as the best templates for creating memes, and the Reddit community “Tripping Through Time” proves it in the best possible way. Yes, by sharing art history memes! This Reddit community is full of funny classical art memes that represent modern concepts through past works of art.

Art has always been able to express the human condition of every time period. However, some of these works look weird and uncanny, as if they require some explanation. The meme masters have taken this opportunity to insert jokes of the 21st century that somehow perfectly fits into the things represented in those artworks. Scroll below to see some of the hilarious interpretations of past artworks shared in this Reddit community that might crack you up.

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Image source: regian24


Image source: MyNameGifOreilly


Image source: swat_08


Image source: regian24


Image source: d3333p7


Image source: insolent_swine


Image source: f__h



Image source: allthisforacamaro


Image source: insolent_swine


Image source: reddit.com


Image source: Numerous-Lemon


Image source: elephantphallus


Image source: d3333p7


Image source: regian24


Image source: regian24


Image source: panicake


Image source: regian24


Image source: d3333p7


Image source: MyNameGifOreilly


Image source: regian24


Image source: sangriya


Image source: Bmchris44


Image source: therapistofturtles


Image source: MyNameGifOreilly


Image source: Marquetan


Image source: MyNameGifOreilly


Image source: dulce_3t_decorum_3st


Image source: nihonlights


Image source: insolent_swine

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