30 “Brand New” And Bizarre Sentences Created By People, As Shared By Folks In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Humans are blessed with a remarkable thing called ‘language’ and some people make the most use of it by creating new sentences every now and then. There are no limits to human creativity indeed!

The Reddit community named r/BrandNewSentence features some seemingly brand new phrases that are usually weird or hilarious. Scroll below to see some of the funniest posts shared in the online community.

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#1 I’m Going To Eat Rocks To Find The Good Ones

Image source: therealcbrad

#2 Wondering When That Point Comes

Image source: KylePlantEmoj

#3 Rhombus Of Doubt

Image source: LeagueOfTheUnknown

#4 Cover Your Shoulders With Knives

Image source: Thedepressionoftrees

#5 Stop Judging Yourself For Not Being A Hive Insect

Image source: diveonfire

#6 I Believe It

Image source: NSLCpunk

#7 Exclusively By

Image source: tim_locky

#8 Supportive Grandma

Image source: wittyotter_

#9 Individually Assigned Rodent Friend

Image source: MainSWish

#10 Anybody?

Image source: regian24

#11 Hp P*ssyjet V5000

Image source: Napthus

#12 The Pomegranate Trials

Image source: Un_FaZed211

#13 Have Fun Moving To Kansas You Tiny Idiot

Image source: dave_cactus

#14 “Trick Or Treatment?”

Image source: AbrahamYayo

#15 Poor Syntax Error

Image source: manescaped

#16 Ur Not Better Than A Stegosaurus

Image source: CaucasianJames

#17 Eat, Pray, Stab

Image source: genius23sarcasm

#18 Owning An Old Home

Image source: braidednosehair

#19 Grape On Endangered Species List

Image source: harry_hall

#20 “They Know So Much About Loafers It Ruined Their Life”

Image source: Western-Edge-965

#21 What If I’m That One?

Image source: regian24

#22 Ur Mouth Can Remember It

Image source: Un_FaZed211

#23 That’d Be Great

Image source: jonacuff

#24 A Two Pound Meat Potato

Image source: Cleverusername531

#25 Beer Angel

Image source: vcole37

#26 Lower Case T’s Started Hurting

Image source: TheAndrewNadeau

#27 Coping Mechanism Police

Image source: Thedepressionoftrees

#28 Blaise

Image source: MarcSnetiker

#29 I’m At A 70s Themed Cat Funeral

Image source: Thedepressionoftrees

#30 The Ratio Of Dog To Boy

Image source: Thedepressionoftrees

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