42 People Who Genetically Have Unique Body Characteristics

Published 8 months ago

There was a time when the X-Men seemed a fantastical concept. However, with time you tend to realise that hey, maybe there are people out there with certain mutations that make them different to what we consider normal. Maybe not so much as to give them superpowers, but certainly enough to make them stand out from the rest. 

Indeed, these genetic mutations usually transfer to features such as heterochromia iridium, albinism, vitiligo and others that become beautifully distinctive qualities. Sounds riveting? Scroll below for a collection of images that highlight these unique characteristics from around the world that are incredibly mysterious and enchanting. 

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#1 I Just Found Out That My Chunk Of Gray Hair Is Called “Mallen Streak”, Or Also Known As Poliosis

Image source: GumorningSunshine

#2 Raynaud’s Phenomenon On My Hand This Morning

Image source: bifishologist

Kirsten KerkhofI have this as well. It feels uncomfortable when it’s active, but I particularly hate the tingling/burning feeling when it goes away.

#3 My Vitiligo Eyebrows

Image source: loquaciouslucie

#4 I Can Grip Things Backwards

Image source: SentientPotato42

ꪑꪖᦋᩏỉꫀ (ᡶꫝꫀꪗ/ᡶꫝꫀꪑ)I don’t like this picture.

#5 “Uncombable Hair Syndrome” Is A Rare And Harmless Condition That Disappears Around Puberty

Image source: uncombable_locks

Sian EdwardsDisappears around puberty… unless you’re Boris Johnson.

#6 A Native Group Of People Living On The Soloman Islands Northeast Of Australia Called Melanesians Is Famous For Their Beautiful Dark Skin And Naturally Blonde Hair

Image source: scitechdaily.com

ꪑꪖᦋᩏỉꫀ (ᡶꫝꫀꪗ/ᡶꫝꫀꪑ)Awww that kid is so cute!

#7 My Brother Was Born With Brown Eyes And A Slice Of Blue

Image source: ThankfulWonderful

EmiTheEpicThis is cool! Looks pretty

#8 Heterochromia And Mirrored Makeup

Image source: ImightBeAnnoying

Not-a-Clue (she/her)That make-up looks amazing!

#9 I Have A Permanently-Dilated Eye

Image source: BreadfruitNo74

Phoenix: I have the opposite of this and in both eyes. My pupils are tiny. It’s called pupillary miosis.

#10 My Boyfriend’s Beard Hair Grows In Like A Hurricane Pattern

Image source: LessFish777

Pieter LeGrandeMust be in the northern hemisphere.

#11 Elf Ears

Image source: reddit.com

Rob ChapmanElf? Nah…you’re a Vulcan. Live long and prosper

#12 I’ve Had My “White Streak” Since I Was Born. Apparently Mine Is Genetic. My Great-Grandfather Was Also Missing Pigment In His Hair And Other Random Spots Down The Left Side Of His Body

Image source: jamiekeim

Nay WilsonThere are people out there that would pay a lot of money to get highlights like these 🙂

#13 The Way My Skin Tries To Re-Pigment In The Summer (All Of The Little Dots Are New Pigment)

Image source: inkyedges

#14 This Is My Tongue. I Have A Condition Called “Fissured Tongue”. It Doesn’t Hurt, But Just Looks Weird

Image source: stupidsimpson, enemyn1

#15 I Have Vitiligo And Heterochromia

Image source: brysizzlle

#16 This Kid Was Born With Natural White Frontal Hairs, Blue Eyes And A Lightning-Like Mark Across His Face

Image source: VAMSI_BEUNO

Kirsten Kerkhof: Waardenburg Syndrome

#17 Humans Have Relics Of Growth As A Fetus, Representing Cell Division And Trails. They Are Invisible Under Normal Conditions But Can Become Apparent On The Skin Due To “Genetic Mosaicism”

Image source: biomedcentral.com

Mimi La SourisBlaschko lines, no ?

#18 A Teenager From India Has A Rare Condition Called “Werewolf Syndrome”, Or Also Known As Hypertrichosis

Image source: lalitpatidar520

SkyBlueandBlack: House note: not lupus.

#19 Started As A Sudden Bald Patch In My Beard, Grew Back Ghost White. Used To Hate It But Now I Love It

Image source: t-ryansaurus-rex

David Paterson“Hair turned white overnight” is a real phenomenon and works this way. A sudden bald patch that grows back white.

#20 Persistent Pupillary Membrane Also Known As “Double Pupil”

Image source: Dslade

#21 I Give You 5 Fingers

Image source: MyLeftHand

ꪑꪖᦋᩏỉꫀ (ᡶꫝꫀꪗ/ᡶꫝꫀꪑ): It kinda looks like a really weird foot

#22 I Was Born With A Double Thumb But It Was Surgically Removed

Image source: BennyWithoutJets

JayaHaving an extra (partial) finger is uncommon, but not nearly as uncommon as most people think, it’s just that most people will get their child surgery at a young age, so that’s why we’re not used to actually seeing it. Numbers vary in different studies, but it’s somewhere around 0.1% of white people and 1% of black people.

#23 Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Knee Hyperextension

Image source: sarahlouiseflorence

#24 Child With Waardenburg Syndrome

Image source: Mandem Faray

Moomin from DenmarkLooks like an airbender to me

#25 Girl In The Philippines Has A Genetic Mutation Of Blue Eyes

Image source: Nico Adam

David Paterson: A lot of Philippinos have Spanish heritage. Some Spaniards have Viking heritage.

#26 My Son And I Have The Same 2-Freckle Spot On Our Hands

Image source: dxsubomni

#27 Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Image source: sarageurts

Mimi La Sourisher skin looks like a tshirt, i hope it’s not painful

#28 I Have Always Had The Ability To Bend My Legs Backwards – So Easily, In Fact, That I Sometimes Do It Without Noticing. Most People Seem To Find It Alarming

Image source: surrealhamper


#29 I Can Lift My Ring Finger

Image source: Not_Your_Daddy7

David Paterson: This is the weirdest of all. New muscles nobody else has?

#30 The Sign Of A Compulsive Liar

Image source: human_taxidermy

Otto Katz: This is an uncomfortable picture to look at.

#31 Anybody Else Webbed?

Image source: JoannaJoestar16

#32 Vitiligo Appreciation Post. Took Me 28 Years To Realize That I’m Blessed

Image source: Paperhank

TuesdayI’m sorry it took so long for you to understand that. I hope you have loving people around you. Honestly it looks really cool.

#33 Embrace What You Got. At 40 Years Of Age I Was Diagnosed With Vitiligo. Never Be Ashamed Or Embarrassed (I Know Easier Said Than Done) I believe I got it because I can handle the stares and questions. Just remember if you’re having trouble dealing with it, you’re not alone.

Image source: ludwig_agina

Phoenix: Natural camo. Very cool.

#34 Here Are My Marfan’s Syndrome Hands

Image source: heyredditone

PandoraScary but cool at the same time.

#35 Anisocoria Is Unequal Pupils, If Suddenly Developed It Can Indicate Brain Pressure From Stroke, TBI, Or Other Serious Conditions (I’m Fine, Happened Sunday)

Image source: Dragongal7

RizzoI miss David Bowie.

#36 I Cannot Bend Any Of My Fingers So There Have Never Been Any Wrinkles

Image source: gxace

#37 My Brother Has A Condition Where His Iris Leaks Into His Pupil (Doesn’t Effect His Vision)

Image source: H0dg13b0y

Sleepy PandaIt’s pac-man!

#38 This Photograph Showcases Ella Harper. Harper Suffered From A Highly Uncommon Medical Condition Called Congenital Genu Recurvatum, Which Caused Her Knees To Bend In The Opposite Direction

Image source: wikipedia.org

Haley Hansen: in case anyone’s wondering, wikipedia says she worked in the circus for 4 years, then left to pursue an education. she married a schoolteacher and ended up dying at the age of 51. all in all, i’m very pleasantly surprised that she seems to have had a mostly normal life :)

#39 My Fingers Can Point 180° Opposite Each Other

Image source: Quajeraz

#40 My Vitiligo

Image source: harrisonlereed

Tuesday: Looks like dappled sunlight falling through the trees onto your skin

#41 My 8-Month-Old’s Hair Is Always In A Perfect Swirl That Reminds Me Of A Van Gogh Painting

Image source: cwhite0729

#42 I Think I Get New Freckles Every Day

Image source: reddit.com

David PatersonLook great, though.

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