40 Wholesome And Funny Mother’s Day Gifts That People Came Up With

Published 2 weeks ago

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, many are on the lookout for the perfect gift. Below, you’ll find a selection of gifts that are simple yet brimming with meaning. From handwritten letters expressing love and gratitude to homemade treats baked with care, these gestures speak volumes.

Bringing a touch of nature into her life with plants or flowers, or simply sharing quality time together, rounds out this list of heartfelt offerings. Each gift, though simple in form, carries immense significance, making it a truly special way to show appreciation.

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#1 My First Ever Mother’s Day Gift. I’m A New Stepmom

Image source: FoxyMoon816

Nitka Tsar: Oooh, this is so sweet! Must be a good step Mom

#2 I Made My Mom A Thing For Mother’s Day

Image source: silver_cereal


#3 She’s Going To Be Spoiled

Image source: bethbourdon

#4 A Friend Of Mine Got His Mother A Bunch Of Flours For Mother’s Day. That’s Not A Typo

Image source: Whal3

SBocker78: God, her facial expression. It’s like she’s questioning her entire existence.

#5 This Candle I Got For Mother’s Day

Image source: HeatherBS

#6 I Started This Swing Arbor Project On Mother’s Day As A Gift To My Mom And Finished It A Week Ago

Image source: D-Funct57

Tamra: That is fantastic! I’d plant wisteria next to it, and enjoy the shade and blossoms.

#7 A Talented Daughter

Image source: twitter.com

#8 My Mother’s Day Present From My Husband, Who Makes Lovely Wooden Pens (Usually). Anyone Else Enjoy Getting Crochet-Related Gifts?

Image source: traceyv2167

#9 Finally Finished My Mother’s Day Gift

Image source: Ritchpieces

#10 My Aunt Recently Died. I Made A Clock Using Her Most Worn Watches. Gifted To My Mom For Mother’s Day

Image source: artisticallymusical5

Verena: The aunt had a pretty good taste. Wonderful watches.

#11 A Cutting Board I Made For My Mom For Mother’s Day. Made From Black Walnut, Sapelli, And Oak. I’m 14

Image source: Old_anvil_forging

#12 I’m A Broke University Student So I Couldn’t Send My Mom To A Spa For Mother’s Day, But I Brought A Bit Of The Spa To Her! I’m A Beginner And Really Pleased With How This Turned Out

Image source: Fine_Scene9506

#13 I Painted My Mom For Mother’s Day

Image source: asf324

#14 I Embroidered This Photo As A Mother’s Day Gift For My Mom. It’s Written “Mommy Is Strong!” In Portuguese

Image source: mmebathory

#15 Mother’s Day Gift. It Was A Lot Of Work, But Totally Worth It

Image source: therbine

#16 I Hope My Mom Likes What I Made Her For Mother’s Day

Image source: tdb_2

#17 I Embroidered My Mom’s Dog For Her For Mother’s Day

Image source: Wife4life112210

#18 Instead Of Buying An Expensive Bouquet Of Flowers For Mother’s Day, I Made This Instead For My Mom

Image source: miss_tori27

Mary Kelly: the lavender rocks are a great accent…i wouldn’t have thought would work, but it so does

#19 Made This For Mother’s Day. It’s My First Time Trying Faces Rather Than Leaving It Blank

Image source: imadrnotausernamejim

#20 Embroidered Apron I Did For Mother’s Day! It Has Grains (Wheat, Millet, Oat, And Rice) For Her To Wear While Bread Baking

Image source: sieze_the_clay

#21 These Answers From My 3-Year-Old Made Me Laugh And Cry

Image source: hp007

#22 Finally Finished My Mother’s Day Gift! 5th Ever Quilt, Very Happy With It

Image source: CraftyKlutz

#23 I Bought My Mom A Succulent For Mother’s Day A Year Ago, And It Has Flowered

Image source: absw

#24 Microwave-Dried Flowers From My Garden. Mother’s Day Gift

Image source: Asleep-Corner7402

#25 My Brother (14) Told Me He Was Making My Mom A Cutting Board For Mother’s Day. Both She And I Were Very Impressed

Image source: tjgonz

cerinamroth: Well, it’s easy to conjure up a beautiful chopping board when you’re Harry Potter ;-)

#26 Flower Arrangement I Made For My Mother On Mother’s Day

Image source: DeathWish4U

#27 My Mother’s Day Present! I Love Her Already

Image source: rosekayleigh

#28 My Daughter’s Mother’s Day Gift

Image source: md3

#29 Late Mother’s Day Gift, Madeline, Acrylic Paint

Image source: idiotaddition

#30 Made A Cake For My Mom For Mother’s Day

Image source: DueCriticism5048

Tamra: Aww, is she wearing a sari? That’s adorable!

#31 Made My Mom This Floral Heart Magnet For Mother’s Day

Image source: fancy-feast-fun

#32 I Crocheted A Monarch Butterfly Shawl For My Mom For Mother’s Day, Modeled By My Daughter

Image source: geekgal24

#33 Persian Tiles Blanket, Completed Just In Time For Mother’s Day, And Kitty-Approved

Image source: actuallyashley21

#34 I Made My Mom A Paper Cut Version Of Her Wedding Bouquet For Mother’s Day

Image source: kmatties

#35 Either She Will Love It Or I’m Dead

Image source: bassedonchrist

#36 My Friend Bought Me This For Mother’s Day. Probably The Best Book

Image source: Zombpossum

#37 Mother’s Day Gift For My Nan. Her Favorite Flowers Are Irises

Image source: saltysirenxo

#38 Nothing Fancy. Wife Requested A Potting Cart For Mother’s Day

Image source: Zephaniah117

#39 My Husband Got Me A Bouquet Of Mushrooms For Mother’s Day

Image source: MrsStrangelov

#40 I Painted This Watercolor For A Mother’s Day Gift

Image source: alyssaadlerart_

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