20 Unwritten Rules That Need To Be Followed In These Countries, As Shared By Locals

Published 1 year ago

There is no doubt that traveling to a different country can be exciting and fun. However, being unfamiliar with the social norms of the place can lead us to awkward situations. People tend to do weird things in a foreign land because most of the time, they really have no idea about cultural differences. Wouldn’t it be nice to know about a few things before visiting the place so that you don’t get any culture shocks?

A Redditor decided to gather some valuable travel advice and asked people, “What is an unwritten rule of your country?”. Many locals shared some unwritten rules that you may consider following to make your foreign trips stress-free and pleasurable. Scroll below to read some of those answers.

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Image source: anon, engy91

“(southern) Italy

1. Always eat offered food if visiting
2. Always accept to have coffe bought
3. Don t be scared of phisical contact. People will touch you, hug you, kiss you.
4. Offer to buy coffe. it s mandatory if you want to have “respect”
5. always talk to people. In line, in the bus, at the bank, at the post office”


Image source: kayoss922, Satura_

“South Africa – Don’t ever pick up hitchhikers!”


Image source: SPullen, Peter Hellberg

“Thailand – Always pay for items with the banknote showing the Kings head facing up.

The same goes for India and Ghandi.

Most won’t bat an eyelid as your obviously a foreigner, however some will be very offended. Surprisingly this is something a lot of travelling folk have never heard of.”


Image source: Eoin741, Threetails05

“Ireland here; We don’t care if you’re the bloody love child of Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera, if you weren’t born or raised in Ireland, you don’t call yourself Irish.

I’m looking at you, American tourists…”


Image source: DirtMaster3000, seventyfourimages


Don’t sit next to someone on the bus if you can avoid it.

Don’t talk to strangers.”


Image source: danrennt98

“America: When someone on the train or subway says – “Good Morning Everyone.. My name is..”, you turn around cuz they’re about to tell a sob story and start begging for money.”


Image source: RamsesThePigeon, Chris Barbalis

“In San Francisco, you are expected to act like nothing fazes you.

Old man dressed entirely in leather straps with a ball gag in his mouth? Obese homeless lady with an electronic skeleton playing a banjo? Three young women wearing only sandals? Robin Williams? No matter what you encounter, you’re supposed to pretend that it’s a part of your daily routine to see it. Outsiders are quickly identified by their tendency to stare, comment, or otherwise take notice of the city’s eclectic sights and sounds, at which point they will be swindled by a junk vendor.”


Image source: idonteven93, westend61

“Germany – Be there by the time you told me or I will be very pissed.”


Image source: SigridPixie, graziegranata

“Always take off your shoes when visiting an Estonian. They might not say anything if you don’t but you’ll practically FEEL their disapproval.”


Image source: danrennt98, msvyatkovska

“America: If you cut someone off in traffic, give a little wave – it makes everything okay. I swear I could have a head on collision at their fault, but if they waved afterwards I’d feel bad that I called them a f*****g douchebag.”


Image source: squashedfrog462, S O C I A L . C U T

“SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS. Or you will die. [Australia]”


Image source: chakraattack, brandonann

“~~England~~ **UK** here.
Thanking the bus driver for the journey when you leave at your stop.”


Image source: MaceoPlex, Image-Source

“England checking in: Always queue. Never push. This morning since the tubes are down because of strikes, there were people actually queuing for queues. Intense.”


Image source: Kaos_pro, Pressmaster

“Northern Ireland: Do not bring up religion/scottish football teams in a pub unless you are looking for a fight.”


Image source: Tcbf88, petruninsphotos

“England: Always moan about the weather.

It’s never “just right”. You are either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dull, too windy.

Three flakes of snow on the ground and the whole f*****g country comes to a standstill.”


Image source: mr_loveboat, Barry Dale Gilfry

“Sweden checking in. Respect for personal space is probably #1 here.”


Image source: citrusonic, Luis Villasmil

“Southern USA-
If someone offers you something, or offers to do something for you, refuse at least three times. Three times is obligatory. If they continue to offer after that, it’s a true offer, but if they say after the third refusal “are you sure?” you say yes, you are, and then all is well.

Also, Yes means yes, sure means maybe, maybe means no, no means “how could you possibly be so rude as to continue to pester me until I have to say no?”

Finally, “bless your heart” is not a compliment.”


Image source: thisisbowling, Lisanto 李奕良

“Trinidad & Tobago. You better say good morning/good afternoon/good evening when you enter public transportation vehicles.”


“Don’t mess with the seagulls.

Aberdeen, Scotland.”

Image source: Mac4491


Image source: anon, ADITYA PRAKASH

“India: Lanes exist on the roads but lane driving doesn’t.”

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