20 Unwritten Rules That Need To Be Considered In These Countries, As Shared By Locals

Published 3 years ago

There is no doubt that traveling to a different country can be exciting and fun. However, being unfamiliar with the social norms of the place can lead us to awkward situations. People tend to do weird things in a foreign land because most of the time, they really have no idea about the cultural differences. Wouldn’t it be nice to know about a few things before visiting the place so that you don’t get any culture shocks?

Redditor u/Skinnysaif decided to gather some valuable travel advice and asked people “What should tourists NEVER do in your country?“. Many locals shared some unwritten rules that you may consider following to make your foreign trips stress-free and pleasurable. Scroll below to read some of those answers.

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Image source: kimboslice11

“In Argentina, don’t ask for coffee to go. We don’t have paper cups. If you go to a cafe, you’re expected to sit and drink your coffee.”


Image source: [deleted]

“In Jordan, if you compliment someone on something, it’s impolite for that person to not offer that item to you. For example, if you compliment a man’s watch, he will literally unlatch it from his arm and offer it to you. Of course, you’re supposed to decline.”


Image source: waynefoolx

“In Korea, the eldest person at the table should start eating first. Don’t pick up your chopsticks, spoon, or whatever utensil you’re using until the oldest person has started eating.”


Image source: ricehatwarrior

“In Vietnam, commit to crossing the road. It looks scary with the endless scooter stampedes, but if you just cross at a steady pace, they’ll avoid you. Do not try to dodge or make sudden movements. Just simply walk across.”


Image source: roborabbit_mama

“In China, NEVER go out without carrying toilet paper or tissues on you. It’s never in public restrooms so you’ll want to keep some on hand.”


Image source: Thatweasel

“In England, respect the queues and do not cut. We will stare at you passive aggressively with the fury of a thousand suns.”


Image source: france_throwaway21

“In Paris, you should always say “bonjour” when entering a shop or restaurant and “au revoir” when leaving. Even if you don’t purchase anything or walk right in and out.”


Image source: Tiralina

“In Denmark, do not stand or walk in the bike lane. You will get yelled at…and/or hit by a cyclist.”


Image source: Uneaqualty65

“Here in the U.S. in south Utah there are many amazing rock sculptures. Don’t. Write. On. Them. They are rare structures formed by thousands of years of erosion, not something to carve your name into.”


Image source: MomoLittle

“In Germany, you should never be afraid of talking to us in German. We love it! Any tourist who brings up the courage to ask us for directions or anything else in one of the hardest European languages just makes our day!”


Image source: fabz_martins

“If you’re visiting Portugal, don’t speak to us in Spanish. You are not in Spain, and we speak Portuguese.”


Image source: MomoLittle

“Germany here, and this mostly goes out to Americans. You should never assume you can talk privately anywhere in public Germany, just because you speak English.

I don’t know if this is different in the US, but here, almost anyone can speak at least 2 languages, and very well. Pretty anyone can speak English, even more so in the cities. I usually try to join into any conversation Americans have in the subway about how weird “those Germans” are!”


Image source: inzur

“Don’t touch the wildlife in Australia. If it isn’t poisonous, violent or otherwise ill-mannered and dangerous, it’s probably protected or endangered.”


Image source: -manabreak

“In Finland, don’t get too close to strangers. We really value personal space.”


Image source: SirPalat

“Singaporean here! You are allowed to wear Flip flops and shorts wherever you go. The fancy city area? Flipflop and Shorts are perfect. That 5 star hotel? Flip flops are welcomed. Public transport? You are weird if you do not wear them.”


Image source: Nimrods_Legacy

“Switzerland is really expensive, and you should know that ahead of time. Don’t make that surprised face when you have to pay $15 for a Subway sandwich.”


Image source: [deleted]

“Don’t talk to anyone in public. Only approach people for conversations if they are receptionists or something similar.

It’s not for your security or anything, but it freaks us the hell out. No one talks to strangers in Norway, unless you’re hiking and above the treelines.”


Image source: westish13

“In London, don’t look for your train ticket/Oyster card at the barrier to the tube. Locals will get mad. Find it ahead of time so you can walk right through the gates.”


Image source: tu_ne_cede_malis

“In Ireland, stand your round. When you go out to the pubs with a group of friends, make sure to pay for a round of drinks when it’s your turn. If you don’t, you will be secretly labeled a cheapskate.”


Image source: [deleted]

“In India, traffic lanes exist on the roads, but people don’t drive in them.”

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