Couple Celebrates Their 61st Anniversary by Taking “Up” Inspired Photoshoot

Published 10 years ago

An event designer Lauren Wells decided to create an incredibly thoughtful and heartwarming gift to her grandparents Nina and Gramps. With the help of Cambria Grace Photography, Wild Folk Studio, and Pop & Circumstance, Lauren organized a photo session, inspired by the Pixar animation movie “Up“ for Nina and Gramps` 61st anniversary.

The gift becomes even more touching, as we find out more about Nina and Gramps` story. Apparently, when the two got married 61 years ago, they got stood up by their photographer and all they got left from their wedding photo session was a single picture. Now, the loving couple got what they really deserve – extremely adorable and colourful pictures, which, by the way, are not yet for them to be seen until Christmas morning!

Source: | Photography: (via)

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