Urban Melodies: Urban Melodies: My Photos Reveal The Soul Of Famous Cityscapes

Published 8 years ago

I am an italian photographer. I was born in 1981 in Rome, it’s the city where I grew up and where I’m living. I like to think to be a “romantic traveler” and an “errant photographer”. With my series “Urban Melodies” I try to create, by superimposing different pictures, an abstract representation of urban landscapes and contemporary life from modern metropolis like Rome, New York, Paris, Berlin and many others. By juxtaposing different images, my aim is to show an usual image in a conceptual way, almost impressionist, where everything is duplicated and the lights and the structures multiply and build a new vision of life.

I absolutely love the street, the stories that every corner and every building can tell. I need to search the soul of a place, I mean, what that a place can tell me. Through my photographs I try to catch the real soul of a street or a building, with something that belongs to its history and in the same time to its daily life. I try to feed my inspiration walking for a while every day and taking pictures of daily life in my city or in cities that I visit when I’m in travel.

In my life I always try to look for something beautiful around me and I think that I try to put something beautiful in my pictures. In my “Urban Melodies” you can find something beautiful in a traffic jam or in a building in ruin, so maybe it’s possible to find beauty everywhere. Once I read a quote that is perfect: “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”.

More info: alessiotrerotoli.it

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