25 Times People Shared Cooking Advice That Helped Them Upgrade Their Cooking Skills

Published 5 months ago

In the ever-evolving world of culinary creativity, food enthusiasts from around the globe gather on platforms like r/FoodHacks to share their ingenious cooking shortcuts.

Whether it’s a time-saving technique or a flavor-enhancing trick, this online community has become a treasure trove of practical cooking hacks. Let’s explore some instances where individuals stumbled upon kitchen revelations and felt compelled to spread the word.

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#1 If You Want To Keep A Salad Fresh, Put A Paper Towel On Top Under The Lid To Absorb Moisture. Pic On The Right Is Day 4

Image source: Thea_From_Juilliard

ADHDFromHell (He/Him) : “My mom does this, can confirm it works.”

#2 Biggest Food Hack Is To Never Try And Catch The Knife. Just Step Back

Image source: reddit.com

ADJ : “Extremely weak flooring…”

jamie1707 : “A falling knife has no handle.”

#3 Use A Binder Clip To Keep Your Thermometer Inside Your Cooking Liquid…

Image source: rnmba

Timbob : “Hey Sue, ‘bout time for a new thermometer.”

#4 Storing Avocados With Onion In The Refrigerator Keeps Avocado Fresh For Days. I Learned This By Accident And Found Out It’s Actually A Thing

Image source: pamjam01

Loverboy : “Or you can coat the surface with oil or lime juice, works just as good”

Dizzie D : “Or you can store half an avocado in a bag with half a cut lime and then use the lime on the avocado when you want it. Onions get slimy after a while in a bag. Works just as well.”

#5 We Are Well Into Apple Pie Season

Image source: MooseGoneApe

Robert T : “These are dessert apples. Apple pies are normally made with cooking apples, like Brambleys.”

Roxy222uk : “I always feel sorry for Americans that they don’t have proper cooking apples, such as Bramleys, and have to make do with Granny Smiths.”

#6 Does Anybody Else Do This Or Am I The Only Crazy One?

Image source: notpHfourteen

Libstak : “No, but looks like a good idea”

quentariel : “I do the same, but usually use a metallic strainer/colander.”

#7 Absolutely A Genius Idea

Image source: wonderwomen178

ToastedFroggy : “This I am definitely going to try. Looks yummy!”

Deborah B : “If you don’t have two muffin trays, flip one (or a bun tray) upside down, and put a cookie on the top of each muffin mould. If your muffin tray is janky underneath, cover with tinfoil or muffin liners first.”

#8 Wish I Knew This Sooner But My Future Sandwiches Are Gonna Be So Much Better

Image source: sammiebud

Loverboy : “and ffs salt your tomatoes”

Mabelbabel : “Lettuce leaves are a good sandwich liner too-dry them well after washing, and line the buttered side with leaves before filling. Obviously, it doesn’t work with fillings like strawberry jam or chocolate spread, unless you’ve got strange tastes in sandwich filler combinations.”

#9 May I Present You With The Fork Anchor

Image source: Potential-Project

Loverboy : “Homemade skewer? You could just use tongs though, that fork gonna be hot as a mf when you pick it up”

#10 Put A Koozie On Your Ice Cream Pint, Keep Your Hand Warm, And Ice Cream Cold

Image source: k0let

Korean Boi : “these posts opens up a whole new world to me”

#11 Spring Onions In Water Works Almost Too Well. Infinite Greens!

Image source: StrongAsMeat

MEB : “Wow! I’ll be trying this!”

#12 An Absolute Revolution For Herbs. This Cilantro Is Two Weeks Old. It’s As If It Were Picked Today. Paper Towel On Bottom, Rinse & Untied Cilantro, Paper Towel On Top – Sealed In Container

Image source: Relax-Enjoy

Xitxarel•lo Panda : “I don’t need that amount of soap, ty XD”

Kim Shannon : “I prefer my cilantro unpurchased at the grocery store”

#13 If You Have Leftovers From A Cookout, 1 Hot Dog Bun Makes 3 Great Slider Buns

Image source: Thea_From_Juilliard

Ebony : “What kind of hot dog buns you getting?”

#14 The Easiest And Best French Toast

Image source: Mandinga63

“All I used is the egg nog and French bread. I chose the cinnamon flavor this time, but I’ve also used the Southern Comfort kind too.”

#15 Packaging Chopped Mirepoix And Freeze For Soup Base Saves Time

Image source: questfire

Dave Nalesnik : “I bag up and freeze my veggie trimmings/chicken bones from prepping until I have enough to make stock.”

#16 I Am Never Going To Throw Away My Potato Peels Again! My #1 Leftover Hack

Image source: Schnurzlbuz

#17 Easiest Way To Instantly Improve Your Baking: Use The Right Type Of Baking Pan

Image source: Which-Salary7586

Loverboy : “I like my brownies fudgier and not completely done, ima stick with my glass pans”

#18 Unused Disposable Chopsticks Make Great Bag Clips

Image source: idoze

Hawkmoon : “Useless for me. An opened bag is a finished bag.”

#19 I Had A Ton Of Leftover Christmas Ham, So I Rolled It In Puff Pastry, With Some Brie, Cranberry Sauce And Mustard! Here They Are, Freshly Baked In January

Image source: Objective_Cloud254

MagicJacket : “That sounds amazing.”

Kevin the Manager : “GTFO! You are a culinary genius!”

#20 “Pie” Broken Down By Definition

Image source: MooseGoneApe

Dave Nalesnik : “TIL♥️”

#21 Door Dasher Asked For A Drink Holder…. Hold My Apron

Image source: WarningGipsyDanger

Invader Zim : “So….it’s a drink holder….where’s the hack?”

v : “All good if you’ve got an unused pizza box at home and need to carry a bunch of drinks somewhere.”

#22 Heavy Cream About To Go Bad? Shake It In A Jar And Make Butter (And Some Bonus Buttermilk.) Don’t Forget The Flaky Salt!

Image source: peanutbitter95

MEB : “Homemade butter is so much better…”

#23 I Just Bought A New Knife Set And Was Thinking This Post May Help A Few Of Us

Image source: MooseGoneApe

Stephanie Did It : “*Paring knife”

#24 A Little Too Fancy For My Liking Thoughts?

Image source: NoAcanthopterygii780

Lame Llama : “Are people aware that not all plastic are food safe?”

#25 Use Empty Sriracha Containers As Twist Top Cooking Oil Dispensers

Image source: rdwtoker

Anna Stephenson : “It’s also good for thicker sauces like oyster sauce- so you don’t have to smack the bottom or shake it up and down to amen it come out each time!”

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