Useful summer travel hacks

Published 8 years ago

Ready or not, summer is right here, so you better use this travel hacks to make everything easier, funnier and awesome!

– DIY Sunscreen.

Because we just can’t be outside without sunscreen anymore, this original and organic idea can definitely protect and save you from the horrible sun burns. You just need the fabulous coconut oil, Carrier Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter & Zinc Oxide. Believe me, it definitely works.

– Summer popsicles!

Imagine your favorite fruits and cocktails mixed in a delicious and cold popsicle at the beach; sounds perfect isn’t it? Here are some recipes.

– Share a van.

Nothing better than a road trip with friends this summer, and you can make it even better and relaxed asking for a van. This way you can go anywhere without worrying about driving, drinking, etc. So choose the perfect destination, call your friends and pack your bags.

– Protect your phone with a “smartskin condom for smartphones”.

Yes, it sounds weird and funny but it’s actually useful. This product can protect your phone against water, sand and even sun rays.

– Always pack a hammock.

A hammock is an item which can easily be packed in your carry-on bag and can be installed in many places. You can even sleep in there!

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Summer travel hacks!

Summer travel hacks!

Summer travel hacks.

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Im a Journalist and photographer who loves to travel and share stories and experiences.

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