25 Outdated Tips That You Can Safely Ignore In 2023

Published 7 months ago

In this fast-paced world of ever-evolving technology and information, it’s crucial to stay updated and adapt to new trends and practices. Many pieces of advice that were once considered gospel have become obsolete due to advancements in various fields. In 2023, it’s time to bid farewell to some of these outdated tips that no longer serve us well.

This discussion online will shed light on pieces of advice that you can safely ignore in the current year. Scroll below to read some answers.

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*If you work hard, show up on time and give your heart and soul to a company, you’ll get promoted and be financially successful.*

In 2023, if you work hard you will never get ahead and die in the harness.


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“Don’t say you can’t afford a kid. You always can make do. Our first kid slept in our dresser drawer”


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Don’t get divorced


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“Just get a job in the summer to pay for tuition.” Yep


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As an older person, this is hard.

Here are my best guesses for the worst old people advice:

1. Vote Republican. They are good for the economy and for national defense.
2. Keep some dimes in your pocket to leave for tips.
3. Don’t bother to vote. They are all the same.
4. You don’t need a union. Only losers need unions.


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Work hard at your job and you’ll get a promotion/raise.

Give at least 2 weeks notice to maintain good relationships.

Don’t buy Starbucks or Avocados and you will be able to buy a home in no time.


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At this point? Nearly all of it. They give advice for a world they purposely destroyed.


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If you burn your finger cooking, stick it in the butter.

A big, solid car will keep you safe! You know, like a big old studebaker made of steel with no crumple zones to absorb the impact.

Don’t sit close to the TV. The radiation will ruin your eyes.

Circa 1936 –
Lionel Logue: I believe sucking smoke into your lungs will… will kill you.
King George VI: My physicians said it relaxes the… the… the throat.
(From “The King’s Speech” (2010)


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When I was 23, somebody told me I was “significantly behind the curve” because by 23 you’re supposed to own a house and a car. I still can’t wrap my brain around it. Putting aside how wildly out-of-touch that is, even if you had the cash… who looks back on their 23yo self and thinks “yep, that person is totally ready for the responsibility and harsh reality of homeownership?” Not me, that’s for sure.


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That we *need* to know cursive.

I use cursive more than I use block/print but that’s only because my hand gets lazy and my letters drag anyway. I’m a grown person with a grown up job in an attorneys office. I have never once had to use or read cursive nor have I been asked if I can


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Save your money, it will be useful in the future. Lol! What money? What future?


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Don’t take a shower or bath during a storm, you can get electrocuted


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If hes / she’s picking on you, it means they like you


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I went to the hospital and somehow managed to stay overnight without anybody asking for my insurance information. Eventually received a hospital bill in the mail for $1200; I was billed the “uninsured” rate.

I asked my parents for advice. “If I submit this to my insurance, it will likely go down, right? Worst case scenario I end up paying the entire $1200 out of pocket?” I said. They told me yes. So that’s what I did…

Couple weeks later, I received another bill from the hospital. They had submitted the claim to my insurance. The insurance company negotiated them down to my $6000 out of pocket maximum and stuck me with the rest. I called the hospital and explained the situation, and asked if I could “unsubmit” the insurance claim and just pay the uninsured rate. The representative laughed at me and said something like “I’m afraid the cat’s out of the bag now!”

The American healthcare system, ladies and gentlemen.


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I’ll play. My MIL just hit me with “both political parties are the same”, this afternoon on a 2.5 car trip. Needless to say I had a lecture prepared…


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Go right into the store and ask for the manager. Give a firm handshake, look them in the eye, and get the job.


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If you’re loyal to that company they’ll take care of you.


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‘Hard work will pay off’

(Simply because there’s a ton of young people who work really hard every single day and they aren’t recognized for it)


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“You can buy a house. It’s so easy”


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I love how Dave Ramsey will say get 32 more jobs delivering pizzas to pay off debt. Well Dave, I would love to work and pay off my student loans. However, my job takes up 60 hours of my life. I’m salary and make no OT. Then you factor in that I have kids and have to take care of them. school events, sports, and just regular daily being a family s**t. Oh, and while I don’t go to church. That’s part of his bs advice too. Now, please explain to me how I’m supposed to do this?


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1: go in to apply in person – they are just going to tell you to go online.

2: ask to meet the manage to make an impression – the manager doesn’t care and wants you to f**k off so they can work

3: send a thank you note for the opportunity – unless they plan on hiring you, they have already forgotten who you are.

4: go above an beyond to get a raise – f**k that. Act your wage because otherwise they are going to take advantage of your hardwork and never reward you for it.

5: buy a house in cash – literally impossible nowadays

6: all debt is bad – you literally need debt to build up a credit score and you need a credit score to be able to get any kind of housing.

7: don’t take days off if you don’t have to – look perfect attendance is a lie they hammer into grade schools to make you feel guilty for taking your paid time off that is part of your total compensation. If you don’t feel bad collecting your paycheck, do not feel bad taking the paid time off you are entitled to.


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dress for the job you want, not the job you have. b***h, i work in a factory. cant be wearing a suit and tie with all this machinery trying to kill me. also, osha said i couldnt.


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My mother : “Women like it when men take charge and show they know stuff”.


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Anything involving bootstraps.


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Work a summer job waiting tables in the Hamptons and you’ll have enough money to pay for a year of college, room and board, books, and still have extra spending money for the weekends.

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