20 Pieces Of Advice That No Longer Work In The Modern World

Published 2 years ago

As time keeps passing, things keep changing. Something that might have been very significant to you years ago might have lost all its meaning now. In the same way, some pieces of advice that were relevant a long time ago may seem absurd now.

Recently, a Reddit user asked, “What was great advice 20 years ago, but definitely isn’t now?” Many people shared their thoughts in the comment thread. Let’s read some of those answers and reflect on how much everything has changed in 20 years.

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Image source: JD_85, David Sawyer

“Buy that house!! Sure it seems weird that you qualified for such a high home loan but I’m sure they wouldn’t offer it to you if you couldn’t afford it.”


Image source: AndrewSB49, Scouse Smurf

“You’ll never run out of space with a 10GB HD.”


Image source: rt312410, Paul Keller

“You need to memorize this cause you won’t have the info accessible later.”


Image source: coke8827, mrhayata

“I remember when my dad told me as a teenager to never be the one to pursue a guy (because I’m a woman). Maybe that was to keep me safe in my youth, but I’ve since come to realize that most of the dudes who are worth being with are either shy or oblivious, and I have no choice but to make the first move.”


Image source: Lord_Jair, m_takahashi

“”Highschool is some of the best years of your life”

Yeah, I might have believed that b******t back then, but having lived an actual life between then and now, highschool was nowhere near my best years!”


Image source: Av8rDave1994, Joe Hall

““Everyone needs a college degree.” Trade school is absolutely the way to go for some people, myself included. And I did both.”


Image source: PangolinMandolin, Jacqui Brown

“To look after your phone battery you should let it go all the way down to 0% and then charge fully to 100%.”


Image source: SuvenPan, Jon Lee Clark

“If your tv isn’t working, try hitting it.”


Image source: parishilton2, Jan Kaláb

“You won’t always have a calculator in your pocket!”


Image source: DarkShadow04, Alper Çuğun

“20 years ago: Don’t meet up with people you met on the internet and don’t get in cars with strangers.

Today: Get into the car with a stranger that you’ve summoned to your house using the internet.”


Image source: DayDreamer9119, Nogwater

“My dad told me once, “Son you shouldn’t schedule a single vacation day the first year of your job. It shows you’re committed.””


Image source: cinefilestu, Daniel Nugent

“Get into teaching. You get summers off and good benefits…”


Image source: hymie0, HS You

“Stay away from the guy walking down the street having a full conversation with nobody.

Now it’s just Airpods.”


Image source: IAmBabs, Chris Blackwell

“To this day, my mom believes the way to apply for ANY job, is to walk in and hand your future boss your paper resume. Whether or not they’re actively hiring.

She’s not even 60 yet, but calls anyone who applies online a “lazy piece of s**t,” and she doesn’t believe I have an actual job because I work from home. She just hates computers.

**Edit:** I guess some people like sorting by new, lmao. I don’t live anywhere near my mom. We don’t get along, but if we did live close she would absolutely assume I’m available all day long. No, I don’t know why she hates technology. She thinks it’s all a scam. She’s the person that would call IT Support asking where the “any key” is. My job is entirely tech based, and we only meet in person to run inventory quarterly, but she’s 1000% under the assumption I work in a diner because that’s the family legacy, I guess. Or maybe because I just love diners, so she assumes I work there? I’m uncertain.”


Image source: spasticpoodle, Ștefan Jurcă

“”if she says no, just be persistent! You’ll wear her down eventually”

Edited to add: I took the question to mean “What was assumed to be good advice”.

Like, if it was asking what good advice 100 years ago was, it would include things like smoking cigarettes whiner pregnant so you delivered smaller babies, or using cocaine to treat a teething baby. In hindsight, it’s certainly not good advice. At the time, the culture thought it WAS good advice.”


Image source: DarkDarkness, Dushan Hanuska

“Stay at the same company for long periods – they show no loyalty or keep up in pay rises. If you want pay increase and promotion best to swap company every 1-3 years.”


Image source: Mediocre-Wasabi-9470, Lee Haywood

““Save your money” lol like how…? We live paycheck to paycheck. We don’t even make enough money to save to begin with!”


Image source: Setthescene, todd.vision

“Get a masters degree and you can become a professor.

Right now, you are lucky to be an adjunct.

PhD is the new masters for academia.”


Image source: go4tli, Reading Tom

“Take your money and put it in a high interest savings account.

Sure thing, should I be getting 0.5% interest or 0.8% interest on that?”


Image source: lostcauz707, David Martyn Hunt

“Work hard and you’ll go places and live comfortably with a successful career that will cover everything you want in life or at least let you live comfortably.”

Pensions no longer exist in almost every career, single earner household’s went from 65% of all households in the 1970s to under 20% by 2020. My dad made $25/hr stocking shelves at Stop and Shop when he retired in 2011 because he was grandfathered past the pay cap of $12/hr at the time in the state of CT. My first job was retail at Target where even the assistant floor managers were capped at $15/hr where I made $9.00.

So work hard, forget the extra money that would be in your pension that you should see in your paycheck now, and get capped on the value of your labor. Took 7 years after graduating college in 2011 for me to have a job that covered COL expenses. After that I spent 60+ hour weeks for several months on end, just to basically get dumped by one company for another. I went on about 5 vacations with my family for weeks before I turned 16, haven’t been on one ever since, even alone.”

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