Couple Goes To Japan For Their Honeymoon And Creates 47 Comics Showing Their Adventures

Published 4 years ago

Nuwbis is a comic artist who had recently gotten married and for their honeymoon, the newlyweds decided to fulfill one of their biggest dreams – going to Japan. Both the artist and her husband love to travel and Nuwbis is already calling this trip the best trip of their lives! She even illustrated both of their adventures in funny comics and we’re sure you’re going to love them.

The artist says the Japanese culture always fascinated her and she always wanted to experience everything up close and learn more about both the traditional and pop culture side of Japan. “We are also huge fans of Japanese animation, manga, food, nature and so on!” says Nuwbis. Their dream finally came true on their honeymoon and the artist illustrated all of their adventures from the beginning to the end. “Also, this is dedicated to my best friend, and now husband, the most awesome person in the world and the best company to every adventure!” added the artist.

Check out all of the couple’s adventures in the gallery below!

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Let the Adventure Begin

The Dream

Why Japan?

Our first trip to Japan was our Honeymoon!

I got married last year to my best friend and the most awesome person in the world!

I dedicate this series to You!

What to pack for Japan?

You just need Awesome Company and an exciting Itinerary!

The biggest goal is bringing LOTS of great Memories! (then a few special souvenirs and photos)

Hello Tokyo

After a long flight, we finally arrived in Tokyo!

Our Ninja was really helpful throughout the trip! Wi-Fi everywhere!

Amazing Japanese Punctuality

Our First funny situation regarding the amazing punctuality in Japan!

First Hotel Room

The Bathroom

I miss Japanese bathrooms. They’re so clean and comfy! The toilets are amazing!

Scary Situation

Am I the only one who is always scaring myself?

Jet Lag

Jet lag hit us hard! Our minds wanted to do stuff! Our body not so much!

Pokemon Center

We went to a lot of Pokemon Centers! We just love Pokemon.

Pokemon Cafe – The photo

So we should say “chuuuu”?

Pokemon Cafe – Wild Pokemon Appeared

Pokemon Cafe is adorable and we got to meet Pikachuuuuu!!⚡( ꈍᴗꈍ)

Pokemon Cafe – The cute food

The food was super cute and pretty good too!

Japanese Snacks

Oishii is a Japanese expression for something Tasty/Delicious! Couldn’t stop eating it all!

Shibuya Checklist

Shibuya has everything you can imagine! Also Tony Chopper!

Search Hachiko Story! It’s sad but an amazing story! The Hachi Statue is a symbol of devotion and loyalty!

Akihabara World

Akihabara the Pop Culture Dream Land! Anime, videogames, manga and so much more!

Claw Machines

Don’t trust them!


Summer in Japan = Humidity! So embrace your puffy hair!

Going to Kyoto

Going to Kyoto! The train was super clean and comfortable!

Sorry Fuji-san

Hope to see you one day!

In Kyoto

One this photo I felt like I was in a spot just like a lot of anime and movies I love!

School Assignment

It was an adorable situation! They were doing a School assignment to practice their English and they were doing great!


When you don’t stop walking for 12 days in a row your feet may rebel!

Up the Shrine

Our favorite place we visited! It is a really amazing journey to walk all the way up, while admiring the great views and nature!

Lucky Foxes

Everything for sushi

The sushi is good

Japanese Pharmacy

I’m that person that always get bitten everywhere. Am I the only one?

Double Bite

Traditional Hotel

It was our favorite place we stayed in! A really unique experience !

A Sweet Surprise

Hey Osaka

I like stamps and stickers ok? Who doesn’t?

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Japan was so much fun! Lots of attractions and some anime-related areas!

Boba Tea

Train Tickets

Last Day in Japan

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