20 Little Things That Prove “Money Talks, Wealth Whispers”

Published 2 years ago

There are two types of rich people– the ones who love to show off their money and the others who live a pretty basic life. For example, the Kardashians and Warren Buffet lead very different lifestyles.

Some rich folks don’t like to flash their wealth to everyone, however, there are some subtle signs that give away their financial status. Recently someone put forward a question on Reddit, “They say “money talks but wealth whispers”, what are the subtle signs of wealth?” Many people shared their answers according to their own experiences and understandings. Scroll below to read some of those responses.

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Image source: VxRadiant

“My former boss used to say “either you have money, or you talk about it””


Image source: kharmatika

“Not hoarding or keeping things. Once you know you have money to replace things, it’s much easier to let go of them. Minimalist decor aesthetics are very rooted in this idea.”


Image source: ExhaustedMD

“When you ask them if they’re wealthy or not they always just say “I’m comfortable””


Image source: unskilledplay

“I live in a neighborhood where you can play “millionaire or homeless.” If you see someone on the streets that looks slovenly, even if they are stinky-drunk and on a bender, it’s a coin toss if they are a millionaire or homeless.

The tell-tale sign is the teeth. Always the teeth.

I played this game the other day at the park with my wife. I guessed that the haggard old lady was a millionaire based on the teeth. I almost had doubt here. She had sun damaged skin, stained and worn joggers and dirty distressed sneakers. My wife pointed out that the shoes are some fashionable brand I’ve never heard of and sell for over $1,000. They come distressed and dirty.”


Image source: shikikan6678282234

“I live in a city full of wealthy landowners, and let me tell, you, you’ll never see the rich folks flaunt their wealth, they always wear the simplest clothes, and wear only a watch ( a simple necklace if they’re women), but the moment you meet them, you know they’re rich without them having to show it to you.”


Image source: tocksin

“They spend money if it saves them time. Time is more valuable than money.”


Image source: DTownForever

“Shoes. Really good shoes.”


Image source: BaconReceptacle

“If you find yourself constantly asking “where’s <insert name of friend or family member>”, and the answer is always something like:

In Barbados

They went to Key West for the weekend

I think they went to see the grand canyon

Probably skiing in Colorado again

Yeah…they didnt say a word but you know they got money.”


Image source: Daxortrey

“In a church setting, the person will use an envelope and discreetly place it in the dish. Other people will make a show of openly their wallets.”


Image source: Appropriate_Chain388

“I’ve heard it said, a wealthy person doesn’t need everyone in the room to know he is wealthy.”


Image source: weaselpoopcoffee

“They will never complain about the cost of something, but will nitpick the quality of work to death.”


Image source: kukukele

“Rich people (and wannabe rich) buy T Shirts with big bold letters of designer brands to broadcast they spent $500 for their shirt.

Wealthy people might buy the same brand shirt as the rich guy but it has no logos.”


Image source: peterinjapan

I’m on the Bogleheads forum, which is the best place anyone trying to find investing success should be on. Almost everyone over there is worth $5 mil or more yet drives a 12 year old used car because they know that frugality and avoiding debt and living beneath one’s means while always investing in index funds is the way to wealth.


“They have good, healthy food — always. Healthy, quality food costs a LOT of money.”


Image source: Naki_23

“Their skin. If you see someone with amazing skin and teeth chances are they can afford to take care of it. Atleast thats one subtle sign in the Philippines.”


Image source: Melchizedek_Warrior

“They don’t brag about their money. Mostly because there are loads of people who are gold diggers and will expect them to pay for their stuff. Knew a millionaire who was sick and tired of being invited out to lunch but he was expected to pay the bill, long story short he lost a lot of friends when he refused.”


Image source: Pr3ttynp3tty

“Not even asking to look at luxury items or asking the price, just wanting to buy.

My God Sister was friends with a princess, one day they went shopping while the princess was on the downlow and she had to buy presents for her friends. They went to a luxury store where she just pointed out the stuff she wanted and the staff looked at her and laughed, she tried to buy again and they told her she “may want to look in her price range” as soon as they found out who she was they basically all shat themselves

(no idk who she is, I remember I was told the name but I can’t remember her for the life of me and this was years ago).”


Image source: Interesting-Cold8285

“I live in an area in the U.K. where everyone is wealthy. Landowners, financiers etc. Let me tell you, the richer they are the more busted their car is, they get it fixed but won’t buy a new one. Usually hoarders of some capacity, clothes are just kinda shabby and they have all the time in the world to pursue what actually interests them and that’s normally something niche that costs a bit to maintain the hobby. The more busted they look the richer they are usually.”


Image source: Thirty_Helens_Agree

“Their shoes. Rich people may have designer shoes, but true wealthy people have shined, clean shoes.”


Image source: Back2Bach

“They have a Steinway concert grand piano in their spacious living room that is perfectly maintained and tuned, even though no one in the house plays it. It sits discreetly and subtly in a corner of the room, like just another piece of furniture to fill the vast space.”

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