30 People Anonymously Admitted The Weirdest Things They’ve Ever Done

Published 8 months ago

Redditor, Key_Nectarine_1969 revealed to our BP team that she was watching a scene on the Netflix show ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ when a couple started sharing their weird secrets with each other. This scene inspired her to create a Reddit post online asking folks to anonymously share their own hidden habits that they can’t admit anywhere else. 

The replies started flying in with folks keen to share their own strange shenanigans creating a virtual confessional with some rather interesting responses. Scroll below to read what some of these folks shared when asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done that you could only tell people anonymously?”

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#1 I was extremely socially isolated as a child and tried to make friends with the coyotes who lived in the woods by our home. I caught one in a snare and fed and kept her. I wanted a friend.

Image source: letthetreeburn, Dmitrii Zhodzishskii

#2 I found a dead rat in a field when i was younger and kissed it bc i wanted to say goodbye

Image source: qeleia, David Atkins

#3 When I was walking to school one morning, I saw a kid (7-8 yo?) kicking a dog. I ran over & kicked the kid and asked him how it felt. He ran off and no one saw. Still not sorry.

Image source: sneezyailurophile, Alvan Nee

#4 My cat has trained me to give her rides around the house by jumping on my shoulder.

Image source: yarash, Beyzaa Yurtkuran

I walk her over to the peephole of the door, she looks out it (at it really).

There is an dangling elephant thing with a bell that my wife has a decoration, she looks at and or sniffs it.

I walk her to the back door to take a look for a minute (its glass).

Then I drop her off at her cat scratching post and she jumps off. She purrs like a freak the entire time. It’s adorable.

We do this several times a day.

#5 Stole over 1,000 wafers from church because I really liked the communion wafers & didn’t know where else to get them. I felt really blessed & cursed for a long time.

Image source: hALLIEcinate, Gabriel Manjarres


Image source: HoopOnPoop, Fred Moon

We got super drunk and ate a ton of spicy food in New Orleans. Back at the B&B, the food started to come out the back side. I was sitting on the toilet s******g bricks of fire. At that moment, the booze decided to hang a u-turn. The trash can was out of reach and I couldn’t risk standing up from the toilet for even 5 seconds. The closest receptacle was the bathtub. I managed to turn in such a way that I could keep s******g in the toilet while projectile vomiting into the tub. Both ended up clogged, and there was no plunger. I had to call the owner to explain that I had destroyed both their toilet and their tub simultaneously.

#7 I would do role play chats in these online browser games when I was like 9-14. They’d ALWAYS turn sexual but because I was so innocent at the time I didn’t know how to continue, so I’d just… “bite” them, run away, and block them lol.

Image source: Lyn-nyx, Chuck Fortner

#8 Was drunk at an escape room with coworkers. It was an extreme one where you are handcuffed the entire time. I decided in my drunken state that it would be bad**s to dislocated my thumb and slip off the cuffs like the movies. It wasn’t. We got kicked out, my coworkers were weirded out and I had to go to the hospital. I quit a few weeks later. White collar wasn’t for me.

Image source: Grotesque-penguin, Kindel Media


TW: My dad was involved in dog fighting when I was a child. It’s not something I talk to anybody about. I’ll never forget our pitbull whiskey. She was a mean fighting machine. Of course, I never saw her that way because she was so loving at home. My dad brought her (and I) to a house one day to fight her son. She completely shut down. She didn’t wanna fight him. She had never lost a fight until that day. She managed to survive but not without significant injury. I was devastated. It was my first and only dog fight I had witnessed and I was scarred. When leaving, I remember asking my dad questions. “Why did whiskey have to fight?” “Do all dogs do that?” My dad was equally as devastated but probably not for the same reason. Fast forward a few months Whiskey was doing better. We were sitting in the living room when a next-door neighbor girl came over with potato chips. Whiskey end up biting her in the face bad. My dad knew what was going to happen next so he took her out back and ended her life. I 100% blame it on the dog fighting (and my father) My dad cries anytime we’ve ever talked about it. The guilt will forever be there. This isn’t something I ever talk about with anybody because my father is a changed man and he is still my father. EDIT: not weird… just traumatic.

Image source: waterykink_7


Image source: LVII, Humble Lamb

As an 8 year old, I was very, very scared of and obsessed with the idea that I was a sinner and going to hell. It led to a couple weird things. I’d pray for hours every night which led to insomnia. I had to name everyone I knew or else they’d surely die because they weren’t being protected by Jesus. If I missed someone on the list, I’d have to start over. Yes, this was OCD.

Secondly, I was pretty sure I was the bride of the devil. I was 100% sure I had been selected to give birth to the antichrist since I was so evil. So I’d routinely punch my stomach really hard to end anything that might be in it. I’d intentionally fall and put myself into dangerous situations with the hope that, even if I was destined to live in hell for eternity, I could save my family from dealing with the f*****g antichrist. Don’t teach your kids religion. Even if they don’t have mental health issues like me, it will f**k them up in ways they will never tell you about.

#11 One time I went outside at like 2AM and put the garden hose nozzle into my b******e and sprayed some water into it, then I farted it out onto the lawn. Basically gave myself an enema with a garden hose. I did this because I was bored. My neighbour saw me and told my dad (lived at home at the time).

Image source: WaspsInMyGoatse, David Brown

#12 Once I got off the subway in NYC and I was super early for an appointment. So I picked a random guy and just followed him on foot for like 30 minutes, pretending I was like a private detective or something. Always kept about a half block behind. He turned this way and that, and eventually went into a building I had lived in 9 years earlier. It was weird, and so was I.

Image source: OKsurewhynotyep, Jan Folwarczny

#13 I was in the woods in the middle of the night tripping. I decided to shove snow inside me. Wanted to know what it felt like. It felt cold.

Image source: Lucinnda, Ali Inay

#14 When i was 15 my friend and i were alone at her place and she was trying to slice apples with mandoline in the kitchen and ended up slicing a good 2 inch skin off her palm. I dont know what came over me as she was screaming and ran to the living room but i saw the 2 inch skin stuck to the blade and picked it up and ate it. When she came back to look for it and asked where it was i pretended i didnt know. I never told anyone.

Image source: SophisticamatedApe

#15 Had sex with a potential girlfriend’s mom while the prospect was passed out after a house party.I was drunk, she was drunk, mom was drunk, her dad was not in the picture.

Image source: Pheonixmoonfire, Priscilla Du Preez ??

#16 I know it’s not shameful or wrong, but a buddy and mentor died suddenly in a car accident several years back. I think of him often but especially when I glance over my Steam friend list and see how long he’s been offline. I still send him messages once in a while and pretend for a minute he’ll log back in and call me up to give me an update on his kids and ask me how my wife’s doing, set up another time to play guitar together and get sushi.

Image source: HeroToTheSquatch, unsplash.com

#17 I write Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic. My favorite author in the fandom likes my stuff… It’s so much fun, and I wish I could talk about it with people irl…

Image source: lafleurcynique, Unseen Studio

#18 Drove my car into a tree no seat belt trying to un-alive myself, failed and ended up with a badly broken right arm and left hip like total hip replacement. Everyone in my family thinks it was some accident and I’ve been too embarrassed to admit it wasn’t.

Image source: Scriptur3, Clark Van Der Beken

#19 Was in a thruple for 3 years on the DL in the deep religious south. I was a nurse at the local hospital, hubby was a principal at the jr high and our gf was head of the English dept of the school district the next town over. Our close friends knew, but not really something I can talk about in the break room ya know. Relationship ended for various reasons, but was sure fun while it lasted….

Image source: MidWitch3, Helena Lopes

#20 gathered apple seeds cuz I heard they had cyanide in them back when I was trying to find ways to self yeet

Image source: Souljabuoyyy, Skylar Kang

#21 I’ve been to a nudist resort multiple times and a nudist beach a couple of times. I love it. Too bad all those places are 5+ hours from where I live.

Image source: boardgamejoe

#22 All throughout middle school, there was someone who tucked unwrapped Hostess Devil Dogs into the toilet paper dispensers in the bathrooms, so that when you pulled some toilet paper out, the devil dog would fall out into your hand. We had to have an assembly about it. That person… Was me.

Image source: bejeweled_sky, Jahongir ismoilov


Image source: Demonking3343, Julian Lozano

When I was younger I joined a international dating site that I figured was a scam. Put a black square as my picture and gave myself a fake name, and then looked through there users. And after about 10 minutes I had like a 100 messages. Most of them were messages telling me how handsome I was or how these women fell in love with me at first site. Now I knew it was a scam but when ever I felt down or got rejected for a while I would pop back on the site and read a few messages. Yeah it’s kinda cringy and probably pathetic but it made me feel better. I would just turn off that logical part of my brain that knew it was a scam for awhile and just pretend I was this popular and desirable guy. And it honestly got me through the day sometimes.

#24 I once attended a “silent disco” event at a park, but I didn’t have any headphones. So, I just danced along with everyone to the silent beats, pretending to hear the music. It was bizarre to dance in silence, and I couldn’t tell anyone because they’d think I was crazy.

Image source: shopaholester, Tucker Joenz

#25 I’ve always been a slim guy so a couple years ago once I started to gain a bit of weight I looked in the mirror and saw my a*s looks pretty nice, like a girls a*s. I was so damn lonely that I bought myself some female underwear, tights to cover the hair and a skirt and did a photo shoot. Then proceeded to pleasure myself to them. The immense amount of shame I felt for enjoying it put me into a pit of despair. Have not done it since yet sometimes still miss it.

Image source: cydesally, Dom J

#26 When I was 13, my family got like 12 bottles of buffalo ranch stuff from a food pantry. For some reason my dumbass decided to grab a bottle and start chugging it like a beer. Acting drunk and all, even though I didn’t understand what I was doing.

I would later learn that my mom was/is an alcoholic, and I was most likely mimicking her behavior due to trauma. Luckily I only drank one ranch bottle(that I remember anyway).

Image source: PhoenixAzalea19

#27 I found some tablets in a hotel room , decided to try one, I think it was acid, started hallucinating crazy s**t!!

Image source: No-Object-294, Towfiqu barbhuiya

#28 I downloaded Grindr bc I thought maybe I was gay but after a few dudes started messaging me I was like “no” and deleted it

Image source: bashbishcrawls, Porapak Apichodilok

#29 I get really awkward and self conscious outside alone but really wanted to watch a movie in the cinemas and BF had no time to accompany me. Guess what, I went there alone, bought the tickets, watched the entire movie laughing and came back home like I did nothing. Still one of my greatest secrets.

Image source: No_Measurement_7564

#30 I had a baby by c-section and didn’t take the stool softeners—-found out the hard way that I should have.

Image source: Helechawagirl, engin akyurt

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